Roboquest: All Weapons List

Here is a full list of all weapons in Roboquest.


Assault Weapons

Handgun [starting gun]
Assault SMG [high fireate low damage]

Assault Rifle [fully automatic rifle]

Pumping shotgun [Pump Action Shotgun]

Milita Rifle [four round burst]

Sawed-Offs [dual wield shotguns]

Assault Shotgun [automatic shotgun]

Dual Uzis [high firerate low damage]

Demolition Weapons

Sulfator Shotgun [like a minigun but in shotgun form]
Mine Gun [left click to shoot sticky mines right click to detonate]

Grandma’s Shotgun [Double barrel mag fed shotgun]

Flare Gun [launches an explosive firework cluster]

Windmill Rifle [Fire rate ramps up over time]

Thumper [lobs bouncing explosives]


Barrel Cannon [lobs explosives]

Fire Flower [lobs a burning explosive]

Fire gun {shoots seeking fire rounds]

Kramer [short range flamethrower]

Minigun [firerate increases over time]

Triple shotgun

Rocket Launcher

Precision Weapons

Revolver [comes with a scope]

Elite Crossbow

Dual crossbows

Scout Sniper

Elite sniper [big damage sniper]

Sheriff’s Carbine

Throwing knife

Technology Weapons

Buddy Bot [shoots bouncing energy bolts]
Laser Saw [left click to fire a bouncing saw blade right click to use as a melee weapon]

Blast Ball [shoots bouncing energy bolts, alternate fire shoots piercing bolts]

Junk beam [mid range laser]

Cryo Launcher [lauches 3 bolts in an arc with medium bullet drop]

Gravitation Launcher [lobs energy rounds]

Energy Gauntlets [left click shoots two energy bolts right click is a short-range smash]

Elemental Cannon

Versatile Weapons

Dual Blast Guns – Precision or Technology
Blastgun – Assault or Technology

Blast Shotgun – Assault or Technology

Assault Pistol – Assault or Precision

Scratch Rifle [right click shoot a bouncy explosive]

Rifle Crossbow – Assault or precision [right click shoots bouncing arrows]

Arquebus Precision or Technology

Assault Sentry Technology or Demolition [right click deploys a stationary turret]

Blast Sniper – Technology or Precision

Blast Rifle – Assault or Technology

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