SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics: Cheats, Skip Seqences, Game Tips, Item list

This Guide shows you how to start a new game with 500 Coins + All Items 2x, a Alex Kidd Item list, How to skip Boss Sequences and Game Tips.


Start a new game with 500 coins + 2x Items

After the Sega Logo, hold the Down + Right + A buttons until the music stops and you see the title screen.

500 Coins

2x Items

Item List

The Amulet allows Alex to figure out his opponent’s moves during Janken.

The Power Bracelet shoots a projectile when equipped.

Sukopako Motorcycle allows Alex to zip through stages.

The Pedicopter allows Alex to fly and shoot enemies.

Pogo Stick allows Alex to jump higher.

Hermit’s Cane allows Alex to walk in the air.

The Cape makes Alex invulnerable.

Skip Boss Sequences

You can skip the rock, paper, and scissors sequences against bosses by pressing Start to enter the Options menu. After your conversation with the boss in question ends. Then simply press Start again to exit, which will also allow you to skip the match.

Game Tips

Defeat the strong Gorilla

You can defeat the Gorilla in Janken by using the signs: Paper, Paper, Scissors, Rock, Rock, Scissors, Scissors, Paper.

Extra Money

When youin Rookietown, jump until you break the ground. Destroy the treasure chest to the left, destroy all the bad guys here, blow the treasure chest all the way to the right, then go back again. All the bad guys will be back. Destroy until you get the desired amount, then spend it all on bracelets.

Avoid the Bosses

To continue the game without having to play scissors-paper-stone, go to any boss and, as soon as the chit-chat is out of the way, press Start to get the Select screen, then press Start again to proceed.

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