SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics: Vectorman 2 Cheat Codes

This guide shows you how to use different cheat commands suchs as Level Select, Add extra lifes, Refill Engery, Weapon Select and Location Data in Vectorman 2.


How to use the cheat codes?
While playing the game, just press “pause” and press the following buttons to activate a cheat code suchs as Add Life, Refill Energy, Level Select, Weapon Select or Location Data.

Add Life
Add Life = Right, Up, B, A, Down, Up, B, Down, Up, B

Refill Energy
Refill Energy = B, A, B, A, Left, Up, Up

Weapon Select
Weapon Select = C, A, Left, Left, Down, A, Down

Level Select
Level Select = Up, Right, A, B, A, Down, Left, A, Down

Location Data
Location Data = B, A, Left, Left

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