Skip Lake: All Hidden Objects

Overview of which item can be found in which level.


“Hidden” objects

if you’re like me, and you didn’t notice the white question marks in the beginning, you likely missed some of the “hidden” objects. They aren’t really hidden, but you get the point.

You need to direct the dot / ball to the question mark in order to reveal & collect it. I didn’t include the solutions, as they are fairly easy.

Every object collected grants an achievement.

Here are all the levels which contain objects:

  • level 14: Ancient Game.
  • level 24: Nature Always win! (orchidea)
  • level 39: Time. A Beautiful true (clock)
  • level 49: Walkie Talkie.
  • level 57: Polaroid?
  • level 72: Compass
  • level 78: Antique Smartphone
  • level 91: It could save lifes (flare)
  • level 95: Old mug
  • level 110: Friendship (photo frame)
  • level 125: Definitively not old! (bag)

Once you collected the item in the level, you can see it in the level selection and click / open it. You can’t open it if you didn’t collect it yet.

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