Space Engineers: Frostbite Speedy Achievement

Walkthrough of the Frostbite Scenario for acquiring the Steam achievement as quickly as possible.

I will not be commenting on combat or giving spoilers as to where defenses or surprises (mostly) are located.

This is specifically the bare minimums that need be done for the achievement. Survival is on you!


In the beginning…

The CoolBox Spawn!

You begin this scenario on a brick in orbit. DO NOT press the button until you loots all the stuffs. You will immediately be sent, by way of a respectable cutscene, to the start of the scenario.

Landing Zone

This is the starting point on the planet. Things to note…

  • None of these tasks are necessary to complete the scenario
  • This area is VITAL for completion of the scenario
  • It is highly advised to leave this starter truck here, as it has a Survival Kit on it, and use the Armored Vehicle you repair. The one task here that could be considered mandatory.
  • It is recommended that you spend time building fortifications here, as they will be needed at the end.

As you leave the main/only gate from the Landing Zone your quest log will update and you will get a GPS marker for the Old Mining Base.

Note:Beyond this point the drones begin to harass you!

Old Mining Base

There is nothing of Quest importance at this location. This, as with most other points of interest, has things you “can” do, but are mostly just needed for supplies to reinforce the defenses of the Landing Zone.

You can completely bypass this location by swinging left of the installation and following the valley to the Blocked Tunnel.

When you arrive your Quest log will update to excavate the tunnel. This is unnecessary as there is a footpath through the collapses in the tunnels.

The end of the tunnel system leads you to the Research Station.

Research Station Stage 1

Head into the Research Station, passing by a hauler truck that you will need later, and enter the Lobby.

Listening to messages and activating highlighted consoles advances your Quest while in this location.

Work you way to the Manufacturing Line indicator and you will eventually find your first *Data Container*

Use the console by the gate to lift the stage 1 lockdown and open the gate. Use the crane controls to move the *Data Container* to the collection position.

Using the forklift, short ways outside the gate, load the *Data Container* onto the truck, you passed earlier.

Load the forklift and your cargo truck onto the elevator and head down to, what I am calling, Research Station Stage 2

Research Station Stage 2

The forklift is not necessary for this stage, but I use it as a recon/scout vehicle. You don’t want your *Data Container* to find one of the pesky turrets. I am unsure if them taking damage is a fail event, but I have never wanted to find out either.

Park both vehicles by the Old Caverns entrance, and head into the Reactor.

Shut off the Coolant, retract the Control Rod, then increase the Reactor Output…and wait for the big bang that shuts down the Lockdown…just don’t wait right there. RUN FORREST!! This opens the Old Caverns door so you can continue.

Follow the tunnels down. Take a right at the “T” intersection.

You will need a few steel plates to repair the bridge, or steal some from nearby.

Continue on until you find the console to disable “Secure Storage Lockdown”. This will put the remaining 3 *Data Container* markers on your HUD

Get the trailer off the crane, hook it to the tractor, use one of the 2 forklifts (one you brought with you, else just one) to load the *Data Containers*.

PERSONAL OPINION: the 4 landing gear should have their “parking” tags shut off. If you never use the Park button that is fine, but if you fat finger your keyboard and crap out your containers on the side of a mountain you will wish you had disabled it!

PERSONAL OPINION 2: max out your friction and power on all your wheels. You have a very steep climb ahead of you. You already drove down it but you were little and light then. Going back up is worse.

PERSONAL OPINION # : Once back on the surface merge your first *Data Container* truck and the semi tractor trailer together. You will appreciate the additional wheels on your upcoming climb.

Ready To Roll out down the tunnel to the Surface Access Lift

This is the end…

Before you bring your road train, or multiple vehicles, onto the landing pad…


Survive and you have your achievement! Grats!


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