Space Engineers: How to Remove LCD Bloom

Here is a quick guide on how to remove the Bloom effect from LCD panels.
Unlike with mods, this new method does not affect other emissive surfaces.



  1. Go to your Space Engineers installation folder.
    1. Go to your steam Library
    2. Right-click on Space Engineers
    3. Select “Manage” and then “Browse local files”
  2. Navigate to “Content/Shaders/Geometry/Passes/GBuffer/”
  3. Make a backup of “PixelStage.hlsli”
  4. Open “PixelStage.hlsli” using your favorite text editor.
  5. In line 26, just after “init_ps_interface(pixel);” add the code shown below.
  6. Start your game, if it crashes during startup, you messed up, or this guide is outdated.

Add this code into your “PixelStage.hlsli”

    if(pixel.emissive == 1.0 && all(pixel.color_mul == 1) && all(pixel.custom_alpha == 0) && pixel.material_flags == 0) {
        // LCD emissive override value
        pixel.emissive = 0.1;

After updating the game or verifying the game files you will probably have to re-apply this patch.
Sadly it is not possible to publish this fix as a Mod.


Unlike with other methods only the glow of LCDs is reduced.


This Method

Eyes Just Got Clear

Reduced Bloom


Since this method requires modifying your game files, it may cause your game to crash.
I also make no guarantees that this change will 100% only affect LCDs. From my testing emissive surfaces on other blocks are not affected.

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