Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse: How to Fix Game Crashing

Try one of these setting changes if your game keeps crashing.


Disable Steam Overlay

TL;DR: Disabling Steam Overlay got me through most of the game.

First, go to your Library and right click the game. Select “Properties”.

By default the first box “Enable Steam Overlay” will be checked.

Uncheck the box and close the window.

Try to play the game.

Downgrading video settings

Windowed: YES

Even with steam overlay disabled these in game “Video & Audio” setting changes may be necessary to proceed in some parts. Push “APPLY”. You can change these back afterwards with the “Defaults” option down below the same window.

Compatibility mode

TL;DR: Try Windows 8 compatibility mode.

If you are still having problems running the game:

(1) Find Stubbs executable in your machine. Probably in

C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamaps > common > Stubbs the Zombie

Look for the icon without the green background.

(2) Right-click it. You can choose “solve compatibility problems” if you prefer. Otherwise, try choosing “properties” (last option bellow). The second tab up is “Compatibility”. On the first drop down menu choose “Windows 8”. DONT FORGET TO CLICK “APPLY” down bellow or it won’t save.

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