Halo Infinite: How to Skip Intro Cutscene

Quick guide to skip the intro cutscene to load into the game faster.   File(s) path Default file path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo Infinite\videos Moving/Deleting the files You can either back up your files elsewhere or delete them entirely. I opted to just back them up in a new folder I created … Read More

Halo Infinite: All Tower Collectibles Locations

Here is a guide for you to find all tower collectibles in Halo Infinite.   HALO INFINITE TOWER COLLECTIBLES The Tower collectibles include 1 Mjolnir Armor Locker, 1 Banished Audio Log, 2 Spartan Cores, 1 Skull, and 1 UNSC Audio Log. Below, we’ll go through them in (roughly) the order … Read More

Halo Infinite: Multiplayer Weapon Damage Types

Here is a simple guide for the weapon damage types in Halo Infinite multiplayer mode. Kinetic Kinetic weapons in Halo are your human-made variety of guns, we’re talking bog-standard bullet based stuff like the assault rifle, sidekick and battle rifle. These weapons are weak against enemy shields, taking multiple shots … Read More

Halo Infinite: Hidden Campaign Weapons

A list of weapon variants which naturally spawn in the open world. These can be found without killing High Value Targets.   Introduction Killing HVTs are not the only way to get some of the weapon variants in Halo Infinite. There are a few that spawn in certain areas in … Read More

Halo Infinite: Campaign Equipment Guide

A helpful guide to all the equipment available on Zeta Halo.   Intro: Equipment & Spartan Cores If you’ve managed to literally play Halo Infinite at all, you’re probably aware that there is a variety of equipment available to you in both multiplayer and campaign. However, if you’re new to … Read More

Halo Infinite: Weapons Guide

A general idea of the weapons, their strengths and weaknesses, and a rough idea of how to use each gun. This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide, simply an overview and introduction.   Introduction New to Halo? Been gone since the H3/Reach days and confused by all the … Read More

Halo Infinite Tips & Hidden Features

Tips for Infinite that I think most people aren’t aware of.   Halo Infinite Tips 1. There is a ping feature, called Mark. It can be rebound in the menu, but by default is bound to X. 2. You can now drop your weapon, so running around to find a … Read More

Halo Infinite: Achievement Guide

A full list of achievements available in Halo Infinite. Customisation & Training Customary Play a custom game. – Simply boot up a custom game. It doesn’t have to have any other player but yourself in the match, so this will be one of the first ones you’ll want to do. … Read More

Halo Infinite: How to Remove the Intro Logos

a Step to Step guide on how to removed the logo’s at the beginning to save time   Step by step guide on how to remove the Intro Logo’s 1. go to your library and right-click on halo infinite. then click properties 2. Click local files, then click browse… 3. … Read More