My Time at Sandrock: How to Custom Picture Frame Images

A step-by-step guide on how to get custom images in your picture frames.   Preparations There are a few things that you’ll need before you can decorate your house the way you want. First of all, you’ll need to have the camera feature unlocked. This guide can work without the camera, but you’ll be … Read More

My Time at Sandrock: Eufula Ruins Guide

Are you confused where to go in the Eufula Ruins in the room with the platforms? Here’s a quick guide through!   Quick intro Apparently some people are struggling to get through the platform rooms in the Eufula ruins, unsure how to get to the next room. I provided a … Read More

My Time at Sandrock: Tips for New Players

A quick reference of hints & tips for new players to the My Time series.   Tips for New Players For those of you who are new to the My World series WELCOME !! Sandrock is a wonderful game, so much to do and explore … I’ve played and researched … Read More

My Time at Sandrock: All Recipes (Worktable Level 1)

Here is a list of all recipes in My Time at Sandrock worktable level 1.   Crafting Resources Stone Trough 6x Stone Sells for 5g Grinding Saws 4x Sand 1x Stone Sells for 7g Raw Animal Skin 4x Damaged Animal Pelt Sells for 2g Thin Thread 2x Plant Fiber Sells … Read More

My Time at Sandrock: Inventory Management Guide

Here is a guide on how to manage the Inventory in My Time at Sandrock.   Inventory Management Guide Inventory management is the most important aspect of the My Time games. Sandrock has expanded on Portia’s backpack system by allowing many more slots. It also includes several of the Chest customization options, … Read More