My Time at Sandrock: File Locations (Saves, Keybindings, Logs, and etc)

Here is a simple guide to help find all files for THE My Time at Sandrock game.


My Time at Sandrock File Locations

Save Slots
Saves are assigned per character. There are 15 manual save slots in addition to several autosave slots. To save your game, select the manual save slot, located at the bottom of the slot list. Scroll down to access the other 14 manual slots.

File Locations
Note:This assumes that your Windows installation is on the C:\ drive.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\#######\1084600\remote


Save File Extension

Cloud Save Link
Steam Cloud Download Link

<Windows Drive>:\Users\<profile>\AppData\LocalLow\Pathea Games\My Time at Sandrock
Player.log file is the most recent log.
Player-prev.log is the log before the most recent.

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