My Time at Sandrock: Eufula Ruins Guide

Are you confused where to go in the Eufula Ruins in the room with the platforms? Here’s a quick guide through!


Quick intro

Apparently some people are struggling to get through the platform rooms in the Eufula ruins, unsure how to get to the next room. I provided a guide in a chat, but seems more people needed help, so decided to toss up a guide.

Getting through the platform room

This is the first “room” with the platforms.

Head toward the opening to the second “room”:

Head toward the opening to the third”room” (note the platform right in front of me, that is where you are headed):

Fly up on top of the first platform in the “third” room (note the doorway you’re aiming for on the left):

Once on the platform, face the doorway:

Fly from the platform you are on to the platform in front of the doorway. Note, it will function as though a solid platform, do don’t worry about the holes on it:

You are now on the platform before the door (this is the one you canNOT fly up onto without being on the other one first as I showed you). Note I am standing on air – as noted, it will function like a solid surface:

Walk or fly across the debris bridge between the platform and the doorway:

You are now at the doorway:

Break through with your pickhammer:

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