My Time at Sandrock: Tips for New Players

A quick reference of hints & tips for new players to the My Time series.


Tips for New Players

For those of you who are new to the My World series WELCOME !!

Sandrock is a wonderful game, so much to do and explore …

I’ve played and researched Sandrock for many hours and keep finding things I’d previously overlooked.

Here are some starting recommendations and info I would like to share.

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I’ll add to this posting as I think of other things.
Perhaps other experienced players could add to this also.

Notepad & Pen

To note things “to check out later”
Sometimes there’s a lot going on and easy to forget details.

Game Speed

Go into Menu/Options and change game speed from default 2 to 0.5
This slows the speed of the clock so you get more time to do things before 3am when you are forced to sleep.

Pause Game

Need to think about a potential action and want to stop the clock?
Press [ESC] to get to the main menu to gain some thinking time.

Treasure Chests

These are scattered around the map. They contain interesting and useful items to help you on your way.
This link shows you where to find the wooden chests.

There are also white chests in the various caves.
The WIKI will be having a page for this also.

Don’t Rush

It’s not a competition. Take time to enjoy the atmosphere and explore. There is so much that can be missed by rushing through the day.
The daily commissions have a limited time to be completed. They are easily do-able with some care in choosing and planning.

You do you

We all have different game style preferences.
In Sandrock there is a lot to do and explore, find your own path and allow yourself to be immersed. The important thing is to have fun!


Each time you sleep an auto save is done.
Manual saves can be done at anytime with the option to rename/delete them for ease of reference.
Consider doing a save as a restore/load point after arriving at Sandrock. Then you can have look around, get used to the controls etc before doing a reload of that save to really get into the game.

Watch & Listen

Watch the cut scenes closely and listen to the other characters dialogue.
There are lots of clues and brilliant humour to enjoy.

By ~ Bearnwyn ~

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