My Time at Sandrock: Inventory Management Guide

Here is a guide on how to manage the Inventory in My Time at Sandrock.


Inventory Management Guide

Inventory management is the most important aspect of the My Time games. Sandrock has expanded on Portia’s backpack system by allowing many more slots. It also includes several of the Chest customization options, including chest renaming and sorting items into the chests directly.


When crafting items or using the Assembly Station, you do not need to have the ingredients in your inventory. The game will automatically pull those ingredients into the Worktable and place the crafted item in your inventory. When a diagram is in place on the Assembly Station, right clicking the mouse will bring up the option menu for selecting the items and their qualities.


Backpack slots are purchased through the Inventory menu. Click the + button to purchase. There are multiple pages in the backpack, click the blue arrow to the right of the backpack slots to move to the next page.
Starter size: 49
10g each, 11 available for a total of 60
50g each, 10 available for a total of 70
100g each, 10 available for a total of 80
200g each, 10 available for a total of 90
400g each, 10+
Total slots: ???

Storage Chests

strongly suggest that you rename all of your storage chests based on their content.

For example, a chest named Minerals would contain Stone, Dinas, and Gems.

Sorting crafted resources by the material used to make them is also suggested. For example, achest named Metal Resources would include Copper Wire, Copper Plates, and Bronze Rivets. This will enable you to find items more quickly.

You only need to place one chest outside your home. Every chest is accessible regardless of where it is located.

When picking up storage chests, all contents will transfer into your inventory. Items that do not fit will gather on the ground. As backpack space becomes available, those items will be picked up when you approach them. You cannot select which order you pick the items up so keep this in mind when crafting.

When crafting new chests while having a full inventory, you can quickly clear space by topping off the fuel on all machines, queue commonly used items, and cancel and reorder the Recycler queue to maximum. This may save you from having to abandon items.

Item Context Menu

The context menu (press E when hovering over an item) allows:
Split – split items into stacks based on quantity
Mark as Junk – mark item for auto selling at stores
Mark as Favorite – mark item for warning before selling
Abandon – drop
Cancel Marks – removes Junk or Favorite marks


Mini Storage Box
10 Wood
Holds 15 items

Wooden Storage Chest

Hold 20 items
Buy recipe at Commerce Guild
Buy at By the Stairs

Wooden Bookcase
XX Items
6x Wood
2x Glass
Sells for 76g

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