Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide

Re-Logic’s Terraria contains thousands of items, some of which are extremely difficult to obtain. What the rarest items in the sandbox game? One of the best things about Terraria is how much stuff there is and the remarkable things players can do with them. With over 4000 items, players will … Read More

Terraria: Easy AFK Boss Summon Farm (Pre-Hardmode)

A simple, easy to build farm that will generate more rotten chunks and vile mushrooms then you’ll know what to do with.   Intro Money can be hard to come by in Terraria, especially before Hardmode, which is why this farm exists. With it, you will be able to craft … Read More

Terraria: How to Make an Invisible Village

Let’s make an invisible village! But how to?   Introduction So, let us go straight to the point. Do you think is this a magic mod or a town of ghost npcs? If so, then it is not and this guide is all about to inform you how to do … Read More

Terraria: How to Duplicate Any Item (Update 1.4.4)

This guide teaches you a simple duplication method that works in the labour of love update (1.4.4). Requirements – a chest – pc – functioning f4 and alt keys   How to Duplicate Any Item (Update 1.4.4) 1) Prepare a chest at spawn (for ease of access) and the items … Read More

Terraria: Shimmer Item Transmutations Guide

A list of all the items affected by throwing them into Shimmer.   Shimmer Shimmer is the new fluid added in the Terraria 1.4.4 Labour of Love update. It can be found rarely in newly generated worlds, or by using the Bottomless Shimmer Bucket. Each world will have only one … Read More

Terraria: How To Setup a PC/Mobile Crossplay Server

Straight forward guide to cross compatibility between Mobile and PC.   Requirements: Mobile Terraria (Latest 17 Jan 22 IOS) PC Terraria (Use TerrariaSteamDepot[forums.terraria.org]) Steps: 1) You need to port forward 7777 (Default Terraria Port). If you do not know how to do this you can do your own research. … Read More

Terraria: Mounts Guide (How to Get & Choose)

Do you want to know how to get mounts? Don’t know which ones are good or not? Well fear not! The REMASTERED Encyclopedia of : Mounts is here to help. This will provide a basic outline on the pros and cons of mounts as well as how to obtain them. … Read More

Terraria: How to Breath Underwater

In this guide i am going to teach you how to breath underwater in Terraria.   If you want to breathe underwater like the man in thumbnail this part is crucial. Breathing Reed The Breathing Reed is an item which aids underwater travel. It can be found in Water Chests … Read More

Terraria: How to Summon All Bosses

How to summon all bosses in Terraria! 🙂   Intro This guide contains the information on how to summon all Terraria bosses. Feel free to look in the Guide Index to see which one who you are looking to summon! 🙂 List of Bosses Pre-Hardmode bosses King Slime Eye of … Read More

Terraria: How to Get Bone Key EASY (1.3.5)

A guide on how to easily get the Bone Key with minimal work needed 😀 Do know that this has been patched in the 1.4 update so it will only work for 1.3.5 or tModLoader.   What is the Bone Key? The Bone Key is a pet-summoning item that is … Read More

Terraria: King Slime Boss Fight Guide

If you are new to the game, and/or having problems defeating King Slime with ease, this guide is made from all of the notes and knowledge I have for doing this stuff.   King Slime’s summoning conditions. King Slime is the very first, and by far the easiest, boss to … Read More