Terraria: Mounts Guide (How to Get & Choose)

Do you want to know how to get mounts? Don’t know which ones are good or not? Well fear not! The REMASTERED Encyclopedia of : Mounts is here to help. This will provide a basic outline on the pros and cons of mounts as well as how to obtain them.



There really is no need for introduction, but I might as well just describe what a mount is if you somehow don’t know already.
Mounts are tools that go into a unique slot in your equipment to manoeuvre, fly, or dig your way through the world in a (usually) fast or different way. Also, this isn’t really an encyclopedia, just giving the gist of the mount, not anything too descriptive. Also don’t take my opinions to heart. Some cons you could find pros, don’t make a mess in the comments.

Alright, I hope you understand now. If you don’t then it’s totally not my fault. Now let’s get into the main meat of this guide.

Pre-Hardmode Mounts

Slimy Saddle
Overview : This summons a Blue Slime equppied with a saddle that is about the same size as the Mother Slimes.

Pros : An incredibly high jump, move a small bit faster than your base speed, float in water, halves your fall damage, and can deal damage (summon damage) to enemies that are jumped on, which synergises with the double falling speed.

Cons : The “Goomba Stomp” mechanic’s only drawback is the low damage, though it is used for manoeuvring around large crowds of enemies or long enemies like the Eater of Worlds rather than actually dealing damage.

How to Obtain : This mount is a drop from King Slime. It has a 25% of dropping, so you might have to kill him a couple more times to get it.
In Expert / Master Mode it has a 50% chance from dropping through it’s respective Treasure Bag.

Honeyed Goggles
Overview : This summons a large honeybee that is equipped with goggles and a saddle.

Pros : A flight mechanic with a max of 51 mph (travelling diagonally) and negating fall damage.

Cons : It’s flight mechanic is relatively short and wont give you as much distance as other mounts, but this can be affected by equipping and unequipping the mount to make the flight time longer. It also is incredibly slow while walking, and can’t submerge itself in liquids (which is a reoccurring theme with other mounts).

How to Obtain : This mount is a drop from Queen Bee. It has a slim 5% chance of dropping, so don’t expect to get it on your first attempt. Unless you want to, then you do you.
In Expert / Master Mode it has a slightly higher 11% chance to drop through it’s respective Treasure Bag.

Hardy Saddle
Overview : This summons a large turtle equipped with a sattle.

Pros : Has a very fast speed when submerged in water, topping at 31 mph.

Cons : Has a heavily reduced speed and jump power while on land, only reaching 10 mph and jumping only about 2 tiles high.

How to Obtain : This mount is unlocked through the Golden Crate item, which you get from fishing in any biome. The crate itself is rare enough if you plan to get it early, and even then you might not even get the mount if you unlock it as it has a low chance of 9.33% of you obtaining it.

Fuzzy Carrot
Overview : Summons a white fluffy bunny.

Pros : Has a high jump, gradually gains more speed up to 40 mph, and negates fall damage. And it’s cute. Definitely the most important part.

Cons : If i have to say one, then it get’s outclassed easily in Hardmode. This is a no-brainer comparing Pre-Hardmode mounts to Hardmode, but I gotta add a con here right?
Other than that, there is no real cons to this mount.

How to Obtain : This mount is gifted to you by the Angler for completing your 5th fishing quest for him. A simple task for a great mount.

Pogo Stick
Overview : Summons a Pogo Stick. Yeah.

Pros : Has a high jump with a unique feature where you press space to do a trick. Looks sick as hell. Also reduces fall damage while jumping, and increases your fall speed.

Cons : Slow when using it without jumps.

How to Obtain : Bought from the Party Girl for 25 gold.

Mollusk Whistle
Overview : Summons a bright pink flamingo.

Pros : Has a faster base walking speed with high acceleration, can float and descend in water, akin to equipping the inner tube, and has reduced fall damage.

Cons : Not really anything that stands out on it’s own that is negative, but there is far better mounts that you can access at this point in the game.

How to Obtain : Bought from the Zoologist for 20 gold. Note that it is only sold when you have 25% (131) entries filled in the Bestiary.

The Dusty Rawhide / Royal Gilded / Black Studded Saddle
Overview : Summons either a white horse with orange spots, a pristine white horse, or a brooding dark horse for each respective saddle.

Pros : Provides excellent top speed and fast acceleration, and when at top speed can deal damage by ramming into enemies producing very high knockback.

Cons : The large size of the mount throws me off sometimes, especially when travelling in narrow underground tunnels.

How to Obtain : The saddles are bought from the Zoologist for 25 gold each. Note that it is only sold when you have 30% (157) entries filled in the Bestiary.

Superheated Blood
Overview : Summons a shark made of what seems to be obsidian, with its bottom and eyes made of what I can only assume is magma.

Pros : Has an incredible 73 mph top speed while submerged in liquid, and provides a complete immunity to lava. Also has the strange ability to make a fatal fall turn into 1 damage.

Cons : Liker other liquid only mounts, it it incredibly slow on land.

How to Obtain : This is collected by opening an Obsidian Crate, which can be obtained when fishing in lava. It has a 19% chance of it being the item in the crate.

Wrapping it up

This is where I review all of these mounts and summarize them, highlighting the best for specific uses. First of all, a lot of these mounts are kind of busted, and some can carry you through early Hardmode, though there are a lot of better options. The best mounts for movement are definitely the Fuzzy Carrot, Saddles, and Honeyed Goggles. For a more offensive and defensive take on mounts, none are really strong other than the Slimy Saddle.
The mounts I would most highly recommend are definitely the Honeyed Goggles and Saddles, since they are really good at movement and exploring, and can be used to avoid bosses due to their high speeds.

Hardmode Mounts

Alright, before we get into this if you are sensitive about this, I’ll warn you.


If you have already freed them or don’t really care, then let’s continue reading.

Ancient Horn
Overview : Summons a Basilisk that is equipped with armour, and a more orange colour scheme.

Pros : A highly accelerated move speed with a max of 41 mph with fast acceleration, a double jump with increased jump height, you can damage enemies by ramming into them, and it reduces fall damage by 80%. It also grants knockback immunity while mounted.

Cons : The only con if I had to say one is the low drop rate. Other than that, it’s a pretty solid mount which you can get when you start Hardmode.

How to Obtain : This mount is dropped by the Basilisk enemy, and has an incredibly slim chance of dropping being 2%, so good luck getting this one.

Blessed Apple
Overview : Summons a unicorn mounted with a saddle.

Pros : Has a similar acceleration mechanic with the horses, but this time having a significantly higher speed of 61 mph, has a double jump mechanic, also rams into enemies when sprinting at max speed, and also reduces fall damage by 80%.

Cons : Has a large size, so this is not favourable in narrow caves. To get around this problem you could use the Basilisk since they are very similar in mechanics.

How to Obtain : This is dropped from the Unicorn enemy in the Hallow, having a 2.5% chance to drop. This is increased in the Expert / Master modes to 3.33%.

Scaly Truffle
Overview : Summons a unique Pigron enemy you can mount.

Pros : Has a flight ability for a limited amount of time, makes you run faster on land, and negates fall damage.

Cons : The flight time is only 2.6 seconds, which is on the lower end of the scale for flight.

How to Obtain : Is caught from fishing in an Ice Biome which is fused with either a Hallow, Corruption, or Crimson Biome.

Reindeer Bells
Overview : Summons the one and only Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Incredible.

Pros : Has a fast running speed, which is capped at 61 mph, has a limited flight ability, and negates fall damage.
Note that this is very similar to the Unicorn, but the main difference is it’s much more versatile flight.

Cons : Not much, other than it’s large size not allowing you to go in small caves.

How to Obtain : Dropped from the Ice Queen boss, at a low average of 0.70%. In Expert / Master mode, it’s drop rate is increased to 3.33%.

Brain Scrambler
Overview : Summons a blue Scutlix wearing a saddle.

Pros : Has a fast acceleration and speed which caps at 41 mph, and increased jump height, reduces fall damage to one, and a unique ability that only few mounts have which is to automatically fire projectiles at enemies. The laser projectiles deal about 150 damage each shot.

Cons : An almost perfect mount. I can’t really find any cons for this one, but if you find any you can comment it below.

How to Obtain : Dropped from the Scutlix enemy with a 1% drop rate.

Cosmic Car Keys
Overview : Summons a small Martian Saucer.

Pros : Has a flight ability with an infinite flight time, and has a top speed of 41 mph normally and 58 mph diagonally.

Cons : Can’t submerge itself in liquid.

How to Obtain : Dropped from the Martian Saucer boss with a 16.66% drop rate.

Drill Containment Unit
Overview : Summons a circular spaceship with a cursor-following drill attached to the edge.

Pros : Has an infinite flight time, can fly through liquids, and also has a unique ability specific to this mount which is to mine a large circular radius of blocks around it at a high speed.

Cons : Has a slow speed and also can’t remove walls which is a huge pet peeve to me.

How to Obtain : Through crafting using the following materials :

 x40 Luminite Bar
 x40 Chlorophyte Bar
 x40 Shroomite Bar
 x40 Spectre Bar
 x40 Hellstone Bar
 x40 Meteorite Bar

This is crafted using either a Mythrill or Orichalcum Anvil.

Gelatinous Pillion
Overview : Summons a Slime similar to the colour scheme of the Queen Slime, outfitted with a saddle.

Pros : Similar to the Slimy Saddle, it increases your jump height by a large margin, increases your movement speed, negates fall damage, also has a “Goomba-Stomp” feature, and can float in water. This also has a major difference which is that it has a flight feature with 2.66 seconds of flight time.

Cons : The flight time is on the lower end, and also the “Goomba-Stomp” shouldn’t be used as a damage dealer as it shares the same damage value as the Slimy Saddle.

How to Obtain : Dropped from the Queen Slime boss, with a 25% chance. In Expert / Master mode, it has a 50% chance to drop through the Treasure Bag.

Wrapping it Up

Welcome back to the quick summary of all the mounts. These mounts are a huge step up from the Pre-Hardmode ones, some being pretty busted. My most reccomended ones for movement around the world is Blessed AppleReindeer Bells, and the Cosmic Car Keys. The best for a more combat and defensive take are the Cosmic Car Keys and Gelatinous Pillion.
My most recommended ones in general are the Cosmic Car KeysReindeer BellsDrill Containment Unit, and the Brain Scrambler.
Also don’t take these wrapping up sections to heart, this is just my opinion.

Expert / Master Mode Only Mounts

How could I forget? This is where the cream of the crop mounts are. No need for further introduction, let’s just get this started.


Dark Mage’s Tome
Master Mode Only
Overview : Summons a book that is the same one the Dark Mage miniboss rides.

Pros : Has a limited time flight ability for 5 seconds, negates fall damage, can adjust the height of the mount mid-air, and has a high speed of 41 mph.

Cons : The vertical position of the hover has a fixed height, though for some this could be a pro.


Witch’s Broom
Expert / Master Modes
Overview : Summons a broom with a lantern near the end of the handle.

Pros : Has an indefinite flight and hover ability with a top speed of 46 mph, and can submerge itself into liquids.

Cons : This also is an almost perfect mount. If anybody can find any cons with this one, send it in the comments.

How to Obtain : Dropped from the Mourning Wood miniboss with an average drop rate of 12.5% chance.

Shrimpy Truffle
Expert / Master Modes
Overview : Summons a smaller version of Duke Fishron, seemingly an infant in it’s species with a more blue color scheme.

Pros : Has an infinite flight, and the ability to get a damage and massive movement bonus while submerged in liquid. And it’s cute. Literally called Cute Fishron.

Cons : Can’t work on land. I mean, you technically could use it on land but you’ve gotta be mentally insane to do that.

How to Obtain : Is dropped from Duke Fishron’s treasure bag, having an 100% chance of dropping.

Goat Skull
Master Mode Only
Overview : Summons a bone goat with some lava overtones.

Pros : Note that it is similar to the Blessed Apple. Has a fast acceleration and fast top speed, which is 61 mph, has a double jump, can also ram into enemies while at full speed, and reduces fall damage by 80%.

Cons : I mean it’s just the Blessed Apple. Either use this or that they have the same pros and cons fundamentally.

How to Obtain : Dropped from the Wall of Flesh with a 25% chance of dropping.

The Black Spot
Master Mode Only
Overview : Summons a small ship which is very similar to the Flying Dutchman miniboss.

Pros : Has an indefinite flight with a top speed of 36 mph, when at max speed it can ram into enemies dealing 100 damage, and can submerge itself in liquids.

Cons : While in liquid it detriments your speed by a slight amount.

How to Obtain : Dropped by the Flying Dutchman miniboss with a 25% drop rate.

Hexxed Branch
Master Mode Only
Overview : Summons a small Mourning Wood.

Pros : Has an almost instant acceleration with a max speed of 82 mph, and while at max speed it can ram into enemies for 120 damage.

Cons : Another ANOTHER almost perfect mount. Crazy. Send some cons you find in the comments.

How to Obtain : Dropped by the Mourning Wood miniboss with a 25% chance to drop.

Toy Tank
Master Mode Only
Overview : Summons the tank Santa-NK1 is sitting in.

Pros : Has a double jump, reduces fall damage to 1, has a slight speed boost, and has the same unique ability as the Brain Scrambler, but on the Toy Tank it shoots 2 projectiles which are a machine gun at the front and homing missiles that are fired from the back.

Cons : The speed is somewhat unremarkable for this stage in the game. Please name better cons in the comments.

How to Obtain : Dropped from the Santa-NK1 Miniboss with a 25% chance.

Wrapping it Up

Again, welcome. I’ll review these mounts. The best mounts for movement are definitely the Cute FishronWitch’s Broom, and the Black Spot. The best one from a offence and defence standpoint is the Toy Tank, since it’s automatic shooting provides an extra DPS boost to your attacks.
The one I most recommend out of all of these is the Toy Tank as it is fine for manoeuvring and is an expert at offence.

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