Terraria: Zenith Guide 2021

The ultimate guide on how to get the best sword in the game; the Zenith!


The Night’s Edge
1. 30 Crimtane ore or 30 Demonite ore
Use these in a furnace to make the ingot and the using the ten ingots, in an anvil, make the Light’s Bane or Blood Butcherer.
2. 12 Jungle spores and 12 stingers
Use these in an anvil to make the Blade of Grass.
3. 20 Obsidian and 60 Hellstone ore
Use these in a Hellforge to make 20 Hellstone Bars, then using an anvil make the Fiery Great-sword.
4. The Muramasa
You can find the Muramsa in a dungeon Chest.
5, Now add up all these swords to make The Night’s Edge.

The Terra Blade
1. 12 Hallowed Bars
Using these ingredients in an Orichalcum or Mythril anvil, make the Excalibur.
2. 120 Chlorophyte ore
Smelt the ore in an Adamantite or Titanium furnace to make 24 Chlorophyte bars.
Using these ingredients in an Orichalcum or Mythril anvil, make the True Excalibur.
3. 20 souls each, of might, fright and sight.
Using the Night’s Edge and the souls, make the True Night’s Edge.
Using the two swords and a broken hero sword, in an Orichalcum or Mythril anvil, make the Terra Blade

Boss Swords
To obtain the following swords you need to kill certain bosses.
1. The Bee Keeper
The Queen Bee has a 33.33% to drop this sword.
2. The Seedler
Plantera has a 11.11% chance to drop this sword.
3. The Horseman’s blade
Pumpking has a 14.29% chance to drop this sword.
4. The Influx Waver
Martian Saucer has a 16.67% chance to drop this sword.
5 The Star Wrath and Meowmere
The Moon Lord has an 11.11% chance to drop either of these swords.

Chest/Crate Swords
1. The Star Fury
The Star Fury has a 25% chance to come from an azure or sky crate, as well as having a 33.33% chance of being in a sky chest.
2, Enchanted Sword
The Enchanted sword can be found stuck in a stone, or has a 2% chance of appearing in a gold crate.

The Zenith
Now, in a Orichalcum or Mythril anvil, use all the swords (And the copper short-sword from the start of the game) to craft the Zenith.

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