The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition – All Cheat Codes

Greetings to the Lord and gentlemen, catch cheats and use them to your health.



To open the console, press [~] (tilde) and enter the following cheat codes:

tgm — invulnerability mode

tcl — walk through walls

tmm 1 — open the world map (all points on the map)

killall — kill all (friends/enemies) in sight

psb — get all spells, dragon cries and talents

qqq — exit the game

advlevel — raise the level. Does not add ability points

tfc — “free” camera mode

tdetect — theft without consequences. Disable the NPC’s vision. (added Robin)

tcai — disables and enables artificial intelligence. After the application, everyone stops fighting.

set timescale to 0 — stop time. By default: 20. If you enter 10000 instead of 0, then one day will pass in a few seconds

SexChange — change the gender to the opposite. The face will not change at the same time 🙂

Showracemenu — open a character creation window where you can change: race, gender, appearance and name of the character. After changing the race, in early versions of the game, your character’s level will become 1. It will also reset all the upgraded skills. In the game version, after changing the race, the character’s level remains the same. Before applying this command command, don’t forget to save the game

player.setav invisibility 1 — enable invisibility. After that, neither enemies nor friends will notice you. To disable invisibility, enter 0 instead of 1

player.modav carryweight X — increase the maximum load capacity of the character by X units

player.setav speedmult X — set the speed of movement X %. It is applied after running with the [Alt] key held down. Default: 100%.

player.setscale X — increase the growth of your character, where X: 1 — 100%, 2 -200%, etc.

setgs fJumpHeightMin 100 — jump height 100% (default).

player.setav Health X — set max. number of lives in X units

player.setav Magicka X — set the max. amount of magic in X units

player.setav Stamina X — set the max. amount of power reserve in X units. If you set a large value, the character will not get tired while running.

player.setav attackdamagemult N — increase weapon damage by N times

player.setav leftweaponspeedmult N — increase the attack speed of the weapon in the left hand by N times

player.setav weaponspeedmult N — increase the attack speed of weapons in the right hand and two-handed weapons by N times

player.setav LeftitemCharge N — charge the weapon in the left hand for N charges

player.setav RightitemCharge N — load the weapon in the right hand for N charges

player.additem 0000000F N — get N gold

player.additem 0000000A N — get N lock picks

player.placeatme 0010BF90 — summon a Spectral Horse. Can be used indoors

player.setcrimegold 0 — cancel the reward for your head

player.addspell 00092C48 — Lycanthropy. A skill for turning into a wolf/werewolf. Appears in the “Talents” section. To activate, use the [Z] key. You cannot cancel the skill. The reverse transformation into a human will happen automatically, after a certain period of time

player.addspell 000B8780 — vampirism. Adds the disease “Sanguinare Vampiris”. 3 days after infection, you have a 10% chance that you will become a vampire. If 3 days after using this code in the section “Magic” — “Active effects” appears “Vulnerability to fire” — you are a vampire. And if nothing worked out, use the player.removespell 000B8780 command, after which player.addspell 000B8780 again

player.removespell 000B8780 — will be cured of vampirism, the disease “Sanguinare Vampiris”, which appears at the first stage of transformation (after a bite). After turning into a vampire, this code does not work

setstage 000EAFD5 10 — get cured of vampirism. Always heals, but only works 1 time, since the cure occurs after the quest is completed (this code completes the quest)

player.moveto [object ID] (without brackets) — teleport to the specified object (character)

coc qasmoke — will move to the test location. There are all game items and devices for making any items

coc riverwood — exit the test location, move to “Riverwood”. If you enter a different name instead of “riverwood”, then a teleport to the specified location will occur. How to find out the names of locations for teleportation, read a little below.

player.setpos [axis] [number] (without brackets) — move your character to the specified coordinates. Instead of the axis, you must specify x, y or z. And instead of a number, there is an offset along the selected axis

prid [object ID] (without brackets) — select an object by its ID. Analogous to the following action: open the console — click on the object. After this command, the console should display the inscription “(Object ID). After that, you can apply all the cheats written below without highlighting the object. With this cheat code, you can select a very distant object and apply the necessary action to it. For example, to resurrect someone or view the contents of the inventory.

In order for the following codes to work, it is necessary to approach the creature (animal or character) or the necessary object from the front, open the console and click on it with the mouse, while the inscription “(Object ID) should appear in the console. Then enter these cheats:

stopcombat — stop the fight with the specified friendly character

Before applying this command, apply player.setcrimegold 0

If there are several enemy NPCs near you, then to stop the battle, you need to apply this cheat for all at once, without closing the console.

If at least one NPC attacks you (you haven’t applied this code to it), then all the others will start attacking.

If nothing works out — take the attackers out of the city (before that, it is recommended to turn on the tgm invulnerability mode) — apply the tcai command (so that everyone freezes and does not move anywhere) — take a comfortable position (so that everyone is in sight) — without closing the console, apply the stopcombat command to everyone in turn. After the commands have been applied to all characters, enter tcai and tgm again (if these modes were enabled).

All characters hostile to you are shown by red dots on the compass at the top and until these dots disappear they will attack you.

For permanent enemies (monsters and plot NPCs), those who always attack you, this command does not work.

kill — kill the selected character/animal

resurrect 1 — resurrect

resetai — restore default dialogs — erase the memory of the selected NPC. This command should be used only if you have killed someone, resurrected them and they then refuse to talk to you

openactorcontainer 1 — open the inventory of the selected creature. You can exchange items

removeallitems — clear the inventory of the specified character.

equipitem id_predmet — equip the selected character with the specified item (see item IDs below). With this cheat, you can dress up any character, give him a weapon and put armor on him.

inv — show the contents of the inventory (list) of the selected object

duplicateallitems player — copy all items from the inventory of the specified NPC or object to your inventory

resetinventory — reset the contents of the inventory. Dress the selected character in the default equipment, the original

setownership — get ownership rights to the specified item

unlock — open the lock of the specified object

disable — hide the specified object

enable — show the object that was hidden using the disable cheat

markfordelete — delete the selected object or character. Attention! With this code, you can delete not only some chest, but also invisible objects that can be selected with the mouse and that are necessary for the normal functioning of the game. Be careful when using this command. The objects you created are deleted immediately, and others are deleted after saving and loading the game. There is no command with a reverse action. It is not recommended to use this command, since you can remove a wall, a floor, or an entire building. To delete items, it is recommended to use the disable command, since it only


In Skyrim, almost any character can be made your partner, companion. To do this, do the following:

— approach the required character;

— open the console and click on it (highlight);

— enter setrelationshiprank player 3

— enter addfac 0005C84D 1

After that, this character will have a dialogue: “Follow me. I need your help.”

Strengthening skills

All the codes below enhance a particular skill by (base value * N%). That is, if your base weapon damage is 15 units, and you entered 200 as the value, then the initial damage will be (15 + 15 * 2 ) = 45 units. To disable the modifier, enter 0 as the value. The exact same formula is used to calculate the duration of spells.

Example: player.setav DestructionPowerMod 100 — increase the damage from all spells of the school of destruction by 100%

OneHandedPowerMod — One-handed weapon
TwoHandedPowerMod — Two-handed weapon
MarksmanPowerMod — Bows
BlockPowerMod — shield
SmithingPowerMod — blacksmithing
HeavyArmorPowerMod — heavy armor
LightArmorPowerMod — light armor
PickPocketPowerMod — Pickpocketing
LockpickingPowerMod — hacking
SneakPowerMod — stealth
AlchemyPowerMod — alchemy
SpeechcraftPowerMod — eloquence
AlterationPowerMod — change
ConjurationPowerMod — witchcraft
DestructionPowerMod — destruction
IllusionPowerMod — illusion
RestorationPowerMod — restoration
EnchantingPowerMod — enchantment
Note. Changes to these modifiers are displayed in the description of spells and weapons.

We remove the squares when entering cheat codes

Go to the folder with the game and find the following file:

Skyrim\Data\Interface\fontconfig.txt. Replace the following line:

map «$ConsoleFont» = «Arial» Normal


map «$ConsoleFont» = «FuturaTCYLigCon» Normal

Note. If after that the file fontconfig.txt does not want to be saved or offers to save a copy of this file, then do the following:

in the properties of this file, see if the “Read-only” checkbox is not worth it;

if it is worth it — remove, change the file, save it and put this check mark back.

Setting the English language in the console

We go to C:\Users \<user_name>\Documents\My Games\Skyrim and open the Skyrim.ini file. After the lines:



adding (not replacing) the following line


Now you will have English in the console instead of Russian.

Note. If after adding this line, the language in the Skyrim console remains the same or you cannot find the Skyrim.ini file (the startup folder or there is none), then delete the sConsole=ENGLISH line (if you added it) and set English as the default language in the operating system (read how to do this in the comments on the first page).

Leveling up all skills

With the help of these cheat codes for Skyrim, you can quickly pump up all the skills and get all the perks. To do this, we will need the following cheats:

advskill N X — raise skill N by X experience units. The main team for pumping all skills and perks

player.setav N X — set X skill level N. This cheat does not add “ability points”, but is necessary when your skill level reaches 100

player.setlevel N — set the character level N (1-255). Can be used to lower the level of the character after using the advskill cheat

List of names of all skills for the advskill and player.setav commands

Usage example:

advskill Destruction 100 — raise “Destruction” by 100 experience (not levels)

player.setav Block 50 — set 50 skill level “Block”

Alchemy — alchemy
Alteration — change
Conjuration — witchcraft
Destruction — destruction
Enchanting — enchantment
Illusion — illusion
Restoration — restoration
Marksman — shooting
Block — block
HeavyArmor — heavy armor
LightArmor — light armor
Lockpicking — hacking
Onehanded — one-handed weapon
Twohanded -two-handed weapon
Pickpocket — pickpocketing
Smithing — blacksmithing
Sneak — stealth
Speechcraft — eloquence
To pump all the perks of all skills, do the following:

— Using the advskill cheat (described above), we raise any skill to level 100

— After that, we apply the code player.setav [skill name] 0 (without brackets) — set the level of the specified skill to 0

— Repeat step 1 and 2 until you pump all the perks.

If after that you still do not understand how to add “ability points” to pump perks, then enter this several times (in turn):

advskill Destruction 999999

player.setav Destruction 0

After these manipulations, you will receive the required number of “ability points” and will be able to spend them on pumping all the perks available in Skyrim.

To change the amount of magic, lives and power reserve, use the following cheats:

player.setav Health X — set max. number of lives in X units

player.setav Magicka X — set the max. amount of magic in X units

player.setav Stamina X — set the max. amount of stock in X units

Armor sets (sets)
To get the necessary set of armor, enter the cheat codes in the following form:

player.additem [code_brony] [quantity] (without brackets)

Example: player.additem 00013938 1 — get 1 glass boots

A set of Dwemer armor (added ScRatCh):

0001394D — armor
0001394E — gloves
0001394C — boots
0001394F — helmet
00013950 — shield
Daedric Armor Set

0001396B — armor
0001396A — boots
000D7A8C — fire suppression boots — +50% fire resistance
000D7A8B — boots of silence — Silent movement
000D7A8A — mammoth boots — +50 units of thunderstorm capacity
0001396D — helmet
0001396C — gloves
0001396E — shield
000D7AF9 — grounding shield — +70% electrical resistance
000D7AF6 — heat shield — +70% cold resistance
0010DFA3 — negation shield — +22% magic resistance
Glass Armor Set

00013938 — boots
00013939 — armor
0001393A — gloves
0001393B — helmet
0001393C — shield
Imperial Armor Set
000136D5 — armor
000136D6 — boots
000136D4 — bracers
00013EDC — helmet
000135BA — shield
Elven Armor Set

000896A3 — armor
0001391A — boots
0001391C — gloves
0001392A — gold-plated armor
0001391D — helmet
0001391E — shield
Leather Armor Set

0003619E — armor
00013920 — boots
00013921 — bracers
00013922 — helmet
Dragon Shell Armor Set

00013965 — boots
00013966 — armor
00013967 — gloves
00013969 — helmet
00013968 — shield
Dragon Scale Armor Set

0001393D — boots
0001393E — armor
0001393F — gloves
00013940 — helmet
00013941 — shield
Set of Ebony Armor

00013960 — boots
00013961 — armor
00013962 — gloves
00013963 — helmet
00013964 — shield
Orc Armor Set

00013956 — boots
00013957 — armor
00013958 — rukovitsy
00013959 — helmet
00013946 — shield
Rogue Armor Set

000D8D50 — armor
000D8D4E — boots
000D8D55 — bracers
000D8D52 — helmet (horns)
Set of Nightingale Armor

000FCC0F — armor
000FCC11 — gloves
000FCC0D — boots
000FCC12 — hood (helmet)
A set of Blade Armor

0004F912 — shield
0004B28F — helmet
0004B288 — boots
0004B28D — gloves
0004B28B — armor
Wolf Armor Set

000CAE15 — armor
000CEE7C — boots
000CEE7E — gloves
0004C3D0 — helmet
Officer Armor of the Storm Brothers

0008697E — armor
00086981 — boots
00086983 — gloves
00086985 — helmet
Ancient Nordic Armor

00018388 — armor
00056A9D — boots
00056A9E — helmet
00056B17 — gloves
Thieves Guild Armor

000D3AC4 — gloves
000D3ACE — hood
000D3ACC — armor
000D3AC2 — boots
Armor of the head of the Thieves Guild

000E35D7 — armor
000E35D9 — hood (helmet)
000E35D8 — gloves
000E35D6 — boots

Unique armor with bonuses

0007C932 — “Archmage’s Attack” (armor) — +100% magic recovery rate; all spells use 15% less magic
000F9904 — “Scholar’s Diadem” (helmet) — All spells use less magic
000FC5BF — “Bloodlust Tarch” (shield) — Shield strike deals 3 damage for 5 seconds
000E41D8 — “Ysgramor Shield” — +20% magic resistance; +20 health
000295F3 — Ingol Helmet — +30% cold resistance
Accessories with bonuses

000C8911 — “Akatosha Amulet” — +25% to magic recovery rate
0002D773 — “Amulet of Goldur” — +30 magic, health and strength reserve
00100E65 — “Necklace of immunity and diseases” — 100% immunity to diseases
000C891B — “Amulet of Mary” — Recovery spells use 10% less magic. Necessary for a wedding.
Masks (helmets) with bonuses

00061CB9 — “Krosis” — +20% to hacking, archery and alchemy
skills 00061C8B — “Morokey” — +100% to magic recovery speed
00061CA5 — “Nakrin” — spells of the school of destruction and restoration spend 20% less mana; +50 mana
00061CC9 — “Vocun” — spells of the school illusions, changes, and sorceries consume 20% less mana
00061CC2 — “Otar” — resistance to fire, electricity and cold increases
00061CC0 — “Ragot” — +70 units of reserve forces
00061CAB — “Volsung” — 20% discount on all products; breathing under water; +70 load capacity 00061CC1
— “Heavnorak” — immunity to diseases and poisons
00061CCA — “Wooden mask”
00061CD6 — “Konarik” — At a low level of health gives a chance to heal the wearer and cause damage to nearby enemies

Weapon Kits

To get the necessary weapons, enter the cheat codes in the following form:

player.additem [weapon code] [quantity] (without brackets).

Example: player.additem 000139A8 1 — get 1 glass bow

Glass Weapons:

000139A3 — one-handed axe
000139A4 — two-handed axe
000139A9 — one-handed sword
000139A7 — two-handed sword
000139A8 — mace
000139AA — war hammer (two-handed)
000139A5 — bow
000139A6 — dagger
Daedric Weapons

000139B4 — axe
0001DDFB — inferno axe — +30 units. fire damage; sets the target on fire
0001DFCB — axe of thunderstorms — +30 units. electricity damage; takes 15 magic points
000139B5 — onion
0001DFEF — Bow of petrification — Chance to paralyze the target for 6 seconds
0001DFE6 — inferno bow — +30 units. fire damage; ignites target
0001DFE9 — winter bow — +30 units. cold damage; takes 30 power reserve
0001DFF2 — bow of thunderstorms — +30 units. electricity damage; takes 15 magic points
0001DFFC — Sacred Bow — Undead level 40 and below will run away for 30 seconds
000139B6 — dagger
000139B7 — two-handed sword
000139B8 — mace
000139B9 — sword
000139B3 — battle axe
000139BA — Battle hammer
Imperial Weapons

000135B8 — sword
00013841 — onion
Dwemer weapons

00013994 — axe
00013995 — onion
00013996 — dagger
00013997 — two-handed sword
00013998 — mace
00013999 — sword
00013993 — battle axe
0001399A — Battle hammer
Elven Weapons

0001399C — battle axe
0001399E — dagger
0001399F — big sword
000139A0 — mace
000139A1 — sword
0001399D — bow
000139A2 — Battle hammer
Ebony Weapons

000139B1 — sword
000139AD — onion
000139B2 — Battle hammer
000139B0 — mace
000139AC — battle axe
000139AB — axe
000139AF — two-handed sword
000139AE — dagger
Orc weapons

0001398B — battle axe
0001398C — axe
0001398D — bow
0001398E — dagger
0001398F — two-handed sword
00013990 — mace
00013991 — sword
00013992 — battle hammer
Rogue Weapons

000SS829 — axe
000CDE9 — sword
000CEE9B — onion
000AE087 — Heather Geyser (5 additional damage to the Nords)
Nightingale weapon

000F6527 — blade
000F652C — onion
Weapons of Blades

0003AEB9 — The sword
is an ancient Nordic weapon

0002C66F — sword
000236A5 — two-handed sword
0001C864 — hammer
0002C672 — axe
Unique weapons with bonuses

000F1AC1 — “The Scourge of dragons” — +40 units. damage to dragons and +10 units. electricity damage against everyone
000F5D2D — “Pale Blade” — +25 units. cold damage; we take away 50% of the target’s strength; weaker creatures and people turn to flight for 30 seconds
000956B5 — “Vutrad” — Especially deadly against elves
000B3DFA — “Eye of Crayons” — Fiery explosion deals 40 units. damage within a radius of 4.5 m and sets fire to targets
000A4DCE — “Blood Spike” — Fills the soul stone if the opponent dies within 3 seconds
00053379 — “Fierce” — +15 units. cold damage; takes away 15 units of the enemy’s reserve of strength
000F8317 — “Cooler” — +30 units. cold damage; chance to paralyze the target for 2 seconds
0001C4E6 — “Axe of Sorrow” — Takes 20 units of the enemy’s reserve of forces
00035369 — “Staff of Magnus” — Absorbs 20 magic units per second, if the opponent has no magic — absorbs her health
0010076D — “Staff of Heavnorak” — For 30 seconds. deals 50 units . lightning damage per second. Applied to the surface
000AB704 — “Holdir’s Staff” — Calms weak opponents for 60 seconds. or captures their souls if they die
000E5F43 — “Yurik Goldurson’s Staff” — deals 25 units. damage and takes away 50 magic units .
00094A2B — “Ghost Blade” — +3 additional damage, ignoring armor
000AB703 — “Curse of the Red Eagle” — Sets fire to undead level 13 and below, and puts to flight for 30 seconds
0009FD50 — “Rage of the Red Eagle” — +5 units. fire damage and sets the target on fire
000B994E — “Lucky Dagger of Valdara” — +25% to the chance of a critical hit
0006A093 — “Tandil’s Staff” (staff) — Creatures and people of level 12 and below do not fight for 60 seconds

Additional weapon damage was indicated for a first-level character without upgraded skills.

All descriptions and names were taken from the game. “Yurik Goldurson’s staff” is exactly what it is called in the game, not “Yurika”. Perhaps this is a localization error.

Only the latest (most powerful) versions of weapons were added.

Daedric artifacts

The ID of the daedric artifacts that are below must be used in the cheat code as follows:

player.additem [item ID] [quantity] (without brackets)

Example: player.additem 000240D2 1 — get 1 “Merunes Razor” dagger

000240D2 — “Merunes Razor” (dagger) — Chance to kill the enemy when dealing damage
000233E3 — “Molaga Bala Mace” (mace) — Takes 25 units of power and magic. Fills the soul stone if the opponent dies within 3 seconds
0004E4EE — “The Radiance of Dawn” (sword) — +10 units. damage. When killing undead, there is a chance of a fiery explosion that drives away or destroys nearby undead
000EA29C — “Ebony Blade” (two—handed sword) – The target does not perceive an attack with a weapon as an attack
0001C4E6 — “Axe of Sorrow” (two-handed axe) — Takes 20 units of the enemy’s reserve of strength
0002ACD2 — “Volendrang” (two-handed hammer) — Takes 50 units of reserve strength
0002AC6F — “Wabbajek” (staff) — Random effect with each use
0001CB36 — “Sanguine Rose” (staff) — Summons Dremora for 60 seconds
00035066 — “Skull of Corruption” (staff) — +20 units. damage. Dreams collected from sleeping people increase damage to 50 units
0002AC61 — “Skin of the Savior” (light armor) — +50% poison resistance and +15% magic
00052794 — “Ebony Chain Mail” (heavy armor) — You move quieter, and opponents who come too close receive 5 poison damage per second
000D2846 — “Clavicus Vail Mask” (heavy helmet) +10 to eloquence. Magic recovery rate +5%. Favorable prices +20%
00045F96 — “Spell Breaker” (shield) — Absorbs up to 50 units after blocking. spell damage
0002C37B — “Namira’s Ring” — +50 units of reserve forces. By devouring corpses, you increase your health level and recovery rate
0002AC60 — “Hirsin Ring” — Additional transformation for revolvers
0001A332 — “Ogma Infinum” (book) — After reading, you can get +5 to the following skills (only 1 of 3 lines is randomly selected):
Blacksmithing, Blocking, Shooting, One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, Heavy Armor, Hacking, Light Armor, Stealth, Pickpocketing, Eloquence, Alchemy, Illusion, Witchcraft, Destruction, Restoration, Enchantment, Change
00063B27 — “Azura Star” — Infinite Soul Stone
00063B29 — “Black Star” — Soul Stone
0003A070 — “Skeleton Key” — Infinite Master Key

Cries of dragons

Using the psb cheat code “we get all the spells, dragon cries and talents” or add only the necessary screams using the cheat:

player.teachword [Shout ID] — learn a shout (list of all shout IDs below)

Example: player.teachword 20e17 — learn the first words of the cry “Fire Breath”

To learn the 3rd word of the dragon cry, you first need to learn 1 and 2, it won’t work any other way. To study the “Ice Form” of level 3, you need to enter the following:

player.teachword 602A3 — the first word

player.teachword 602A4 — second

player.teachword 602A5 — third

The ID of the dragon cries for the player.teachword code [cry_id] (without parentheses)

the first word / second/third — the name of the scream (use only 1 of 3):

46B89 / 46B8A / 46B8B — Call of the Dragon
13E22 / 13E23 / 13E24 — Ruthless Force
602A3 / 602A4 / 602A5 — Ice form
6029A / 6029B / 6029C — Thunder Call
20E17 / 20E18 / 20E19 — Fiery Breath
48ACA / 48ACB / 48ACC — Time Dilation
2F7BB / 2F7BC / 2F7BD — Fast Jerk
60291 / 60292 / 60293 — Friendship with animals
3291D / 3291E / 3291F — Elemental Rage
32917 / 32918 / 32919 — Disembodied
5D16C / 5D16D / 5D16E — Frosty Breath
602A0 / 602A1 / 602A2 — Voice Cast
5FB95 / 5FB96 / 5FB97 — Disarm
3CD31 / 3DC32 / 3CD33 — Clear Sky
51960 / 51961 / 51962 — Call of Valor
44251 / 44252 / 44253 — Dragonboy
60297 / 60298 / 60299 — Death sentence
60294 / 60295 / 60296 — Aura Whisper
6029D / 6029E / 6029F — Kin World
3291A / 3291B / 3291C — Fright
To use dragon Cries, you first need to activate them with the help of Dragon Souls. That is, kill the dragon or add the required amount using a cheat:

player.modav dragonsouls N — get N dragon souls. This cheat sets the total number of dragon souls absorbed, and does not add N pcs.

To activate dragon screams, press [Tab] — Magic — Screams — select the necessary scream that you want to activate — click [R] — Ok. Now you can use this scream.

Player.setav shoutrecoverymult 0 — Dragon Cries have no recharge, no recovery time for reuse. If you entered this code after using the scream, then you will need to wait until it is restored, after which you can use this scream all the time without waiting for it to be restored.

Ingredients, Soul Stones, Potions, Arrows

To get the necessary item, the IDs of which are below, you need to use a cheat code in the following form:

player.additem [item ID] [quantity] (without brackets)

Example: player.additem 00039BE5 10 — get 10 full health recovery potions

00039BE5 — fully restores health
00039BE7 — fully restores magic
00039CF3 — fully restores the reserve of strength
00073F34 — “Deadly poison” — 65 units. Poison
damage 00039D12 — “Enchanter’s Elixir”
00039967 — “Blacksmith’s Elixir”
Soul Stones
0002E4F4 — large (empty)
0002E4FB — large (Large)
0002E4FC — great (empty)
0002E4FF — great (Great)
0002E500 — black (empty)
0002E504 — black (Great)
00063B27 — Azura Star (empty)
00063B29 — Black Azura Star (empty)
00038341 — falmer
00034182 — ancient Nordic
000236DD — dart (can be obtained only after passing the main storyline)
00020F02 — rusty iron
00020DDF — iron
000139C0 — daedric
000139BF — ebony
000139BE — glass
000139BD — Elvish
000139BC — dvemerskaya
000139BB — orcs
0001397F — steel
0005ACE5 — steel
0005ACE4 — iron
0005ACE3 — silver
0005AD93 — carundum
0005AD99 — orichalcum
0005AD9D — ebony
0005AD9E — gold
0005ADA0 — mercury
000DB8A2 — Dwemer metal
0005ADA1 — purified malachite
0005AD9F — purified moonstone
0003ad52 — bear
0003AD8F — cow
0003AD90 — deer
0003AD8E — goat
0003AD93 — horse
0003AD75 — the snow wolf
000DB5D2 — skin
000800E4 — skin strips
0003AD74 — wolf
Precious stones
00063B46 — amethyst
00063B47 — diamond
00063B45 — garnet
00063B43 — emerald
00063B42 — ruby
00063B44 — sapphire
0006851E — flawless amethyst
0006851F — flawless diamond
00068521 — flawless garnet
00068520 — flawless emerald
00068522 — flawless ruby
00068523 — flawless sapphire
0003AD5B — the heart of the daedra
0003ADA3 — dragon scales
0003ADA4 — dragon bones
000E7ED0 — hawk feathers
0003AD60 — Salt of the Void

Treasure Chests

Each of the chests contains all the items of its class. For example, the staff chest contains ALL the staffs, and the ingredients chest contains ALL the ingredients. To get these treasure chests, use the following cheat codes for Skyrim:

player.placeatme [chest ID] (without brackets)

Example: player.placeatme 000C2CDE — get a chest with all the staffs

000C2CDF — Enchanted weapon
000C2CD7 — enchanted armor, jewelry, clothing for a magician and a robber
000C2CE0 — standard weapon
000C2CD6 — standard armor
000C2CDE — staffs
000C2CD8 — armor and jewelry, clothing for a magician and a robber
0010D9FF — skill books
000C2CD9 — spell books
000C2D3B — regular books
000C2CD4 — arrows
000C2CDA — ingredients
000C2CDB — keys
000C2CE1 — spell scrolls
000C2CE2 — potions, elixirs and tinctures

After opening some chests (with enchanted weapons and armor), Skyrim hangs for 30-60 seconds. (depending on the power of your CPU). Wait a while and everything will be fine.

If after opening the chest with the enchanted weapon / armor, instead of any one item, press [R] (take all), then the duration of the suspension will be reduced several times.

Chests contain all the things of their class — there are a lot of things.

There is only 1 copy of each item in each chest. If you want to make a lot of such items (ingredients), find out his item ID (how to do this, read below) and create the necessary amount of these things using the cheat player.additem ID quantity

Completing quests

To complete quests in Skyrim, we will need the following cheat codes:

showquesttargets — shows the ID of the active quest

getstage [quest ID] (without parentheses) — shows the stage of execution of the specified quest (the resulting number is not % of completion)

setstage [quest ID] [stage] (without brackets) — set the execution stage

movetoqt [quest ID] (without brackets) — teleportation to the key point (the last unfinished stage) of the specified task

sqs [quest ID] (without brackets) — show a list of all stages of the active quest (they are different for each quest). Used in the setstage cheat

resetquest [quest id] (without brackets) — reset all stages of the quest, after which it can be completed again. In order for this quest to be deleted from the “Task Log”, you need to save and load the game

player.completequest [quest ID] (without brackets) — complete the quest. It is not recommended to use this command, since you will not be able to get the next quest if it is a quest chain. Use it only if you want to complete the quest without the possibility of its further passage.

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