The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition: How to Find Arvak’s Skull Quest

Instead of buying a horse, why not summon Arvak?


Initial Quest

In order to get to this quest, you must follow the Dawnguard questline. At level 10, you will be approached and be suggested to join the Dawnguard, which will give the starting quest.

Main Questline

There will be quests to follow before you reach the Soul Cairn, where you get Arvak. Listed below will be all main quests before you reach Soul Cairn.

Dawnguard Questline

  1. Dawnguard
  2. Awakening
  3. Bloodline
  4. A New Order*
  5. Prophet*
  6. Scroll Scouting
  7. Seeking Disclosure
  8. Chasing Echoes**

* These are if you choose to stay with the Dawnguard
** You gain access to Soul Cairn completing this

Find Arvak’s Skull

Once you reach the Soul Cairn, follow the road to the wall. Before passing the wall, you will meet a soul calling for Arvak. He will beg you to find Arvak and disappear.


After the soul give you the quest, follow the main road to the entrance of the boneyard where Valerica is found. Don’t go too close and stay on the road before the stairs so Serana doesn’t immediately talk to Valerica (or do the quest and come back).

Once you are near, you want to head east of the boneyard’s entrance where you will come across a light well.

Go a bit past that and you will reach a pedestal with light. The pedestal will be surrounded by enemies and will attack on sight. After defeating the enemies, you may obtain Arvak’s skull in the middle of the pedestal.

The soul owner of Arvak will be nearby so once you talk to him, you will complete the quest and be given the ability to summon Arvak!

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