The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition: “The Path of Knowledge” Quest Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to solve “The Path of Knowledge” Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition “The Path of Knowledge” Quest Guide

Optional: To make quest slightly easier, you can get Whirlwind Sprint 1 & 2 from High Hrothgar (Main story) & Dead Man’s Respite.

Collect first 2 cubes. At first puzzle room, place cube on upper right pillar, second on lower pillar in water. Jump from stone up to ledge and grab 3rd cube. When exiting, collect upper cube again.
Or with Whirlwind Sprint 2, fly across to door then pick up 3rd cube.

Follow quest markers to 4th cube and back to main room. Put cubes on 2 upper pillars then enter lower door.

After entering, use pillars above you in this order: middle, left, right, middle. Walk across bridges and place cube on upper pillar. (With Whirlwind Sprint, fly across the gaps to skip the bridge). Go through lower door for next cube. When exiting, collect cube on pillar.

Return to main room. Collect 5th cube from wizard man. Place one on upper pillar (either one). Place 4 on lower 4 pillars.

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