Trailer Shop Simulator: Tips & Tricks to Start

Here are some tips and tricks for you to start the game. if you have any other good tips, you can share it below via comment.


Tips And Tricks:
1. Everyday you can get a deal for items. This can make getting a profit a lot easier since you buying low and selling high.
2. You can buy the spray bottle and use it to clean up your window. If you see brown spots on your window you can get the spray bottle and start shooting.
3. Every 5 days the mafia will come over and shoot everyone around your store. This will cause your reputation to go down. They will also try to break your window. If they do then they will shoot you and try to kill you. You will have to repair the window and your health. Buying guns and medical insurance will help you repel these mafia attacks.
4. You can reload your gun and spray bottle by buying either the Window Cleaner, Rifle Ammo, or Revolver Ammo. Put it into your inventory and right click your weapon or bottle.
5. You can sell unwanted weapons in the shop. In the shop there is a scale. If you put an item on there you can sell it.
6. Press esc to change your mouse sensitivity until you are comfortable.
7. If you are lagging you can press esc and change your resolution.
8. You can turn off the lights in your warehouse and trailer. You can then buy a flashlight and batteries and rely on them to light your place up. This way you can save money on lights.
9. You can remap your keys by pressing esc. Make sure the key you want to remap isn’t already used.
10. You can buy a distributor in order to automatically sell your items to customers. No need to constantly through your crap at them.
11. Are you in deep trouble? Are you out of items to sell and you still have no money? Get a loan! Make sure to pay the money back though or you are in even more trouble.
12. Buy the Scanner in order to check the expiration date of your products!
13. In order to fill up your fuel tank you go to your warehouse and into the hallway. Keep going and you will be greeted with a vending machine! Get you fuel tank and drop it on the ground. Now press v on it to pick it up and put it in your hotbar. Go to the vending machine and look at the empty space at the left. Aim at the bottom of the empty space. You will see it will be highlighted and will give you the option to interact with it. Press r. You will find your fuel tank ready to be filled with fuel. Go to the knob of the vending machine. It decides how much fuel will be put into your tank. Remember every 1 liter of 5$. The right button will dispense fuel into your tank. And that is how you fill up your fuel tank with fuel.
14. Put items into your refrigerator to extend their freshness. If the drinks and food is expired then customers will decrease your reputation. I recommend buying 10 products at a time in order to keep the freshness of your food good.


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