Undertale: Abandoned Quiche Guide

Find the Abandoned Quiche consumable item.


Initial Guide

The Abandoned Quiche is found in a secluded spot under a bench next to an Echo flower, which you are only able to access through the second Waterfall Bridge Seeds puzzle (the one with the bell). Down by the sign in the bottom left corner, there is a body of water to the right of it. Form a bridge across the top of the waterline with the four Bridge Seeds, then walk across. There you will find the bench, approach it and interact with it. You’ll then acquire the Abandoned Quiche.

Extra Info
When consumed, the Ab Quiche will give the play 34 HP.

Check: “A psychologically damaged spinach egg pie.”

Use: “You eat the quiche.”

Sell: “76G”

Sell: Negotiate: “77G, 98G”

Leave it: “The quiche was left all alone…”

Drop it: “You leave the Quiche on the ground and tell it you’ll be right back.

Pick it up whilst inventory is full: “You aren’t ready for the responsibility.”

If you call Papyrus or Undyne whilst in the Abandoned Quiche area, you’ll say “What’s better than a benchful of quiche?”

This Easter Egg is a reference to a time the creator of Undertale, Toby Fox, found an abandoned quiche under a bench.

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