Undertale: Easy True Pacifist Guide 2021

An easy Guide for a True Pacifist route (no killing at all)


The entire thing

-you need a neutral route befor doing a True Paci (optional if you did not do a Genocide before!)
-never kill anyone to gain EXP/LV
-use (spare, flee or battle ending acts)
-killing the Dummy (ruins) or attacking Mad Mew Mew (when she can be spared) does not cause the route to be aborted because they give no EXP/LV
-if one is accidentaly killed that gives EXP and you didn’t save, just reload!


-after sparing Papyrus go to his house and do the date

-always flee from undyne to hotlands untill she passes out, then pour water over her (you get it at the watter dispenser in front to Alphys lab) (!!leaving to room with undyne passed out you abort the route!!)

-go back to waterfall and hang out with Papyrus and Undyne at her house (the fish house)

-Go to Hotland and then to the CORE

Small tip for muffet
-buy something of the spiders in the ruins and consume it while fighting muffet. this will cause her to spare you

Mettaton EX
-Always use the act button while fightung him to bring the ratinks to 10’000
-you can use your phone ubgrade to shoot at his heart during his combat rounds this will make the battle end peacefully!

-Defeat Asgore and Photoshop flowey (if you didn’t to a neutral route before)
-then go to the connecting bridge of MTT Resort and the CORE. You’ll recieve a call from Undyne to deliver a letter
-meet her at papyrus’s house to recieve the letter
-put the letter under the door of Alphys lab and complete the date
-after leaving the garbage dump you recieve a call from papyrus to meet at alphys lab
-after finding the note leading to her “bathroom” you can enter the

(you cant abort the pacifist route now!) find the four keys in the true lab and put them in theyr spots to open the generator room
turning the generator on will trigger a convo with Alphys
head to the elevator and to to the new home, the lift is now blocked by some vines
-walk until you reach asgore’s throne room and then go to the barrier and “fight” asgore
-then everything is alright and your friends come and a vine grabs them
-flowery has his dialogue and after it, Asriel appears fow a shot time then transforms into Asriel dreemurr
-still only use the act button
-one time when you die it will be refused
-later the screen will turn white and ASRIEL blocks the way!
-you choose struggle if you then continue with it your act button wil tur to a save button
-you then choose someone of them (it doesn’t matter who you pick you save them all in the end lol)
-you then choose something to do
-later the momories of them comes back and you need to do this with every soul
-after this you go and save someone else, wich happens to be asriel
-you see a flash back of when asriel meet the first human
-you then have to same asriel dreemurr
-he stats crying and tries to kill you , you still try to save him
-you then get to the world and see asriel
– I think it would be a good option to forgive him
-he then destroys the barrier
-you can then choose to comfort “hug” him after this he then leaves and you wake up surrounded by your friends
optional ( -you can then walk back to where you started (ruins) and meet Asriel )
-you then go through the door where the barrier would be and go through the purple door
you can then choose or not
-if you choose yes the screen will turn white and you and your friends are now in the overworld

-after the entire dialoug toriel will ask you if you got a place to stay. if you awsner with i want to stay with you, you leave with toriel on your hand and the credits will come with scenes in the overworld

sorry for the long spoiler! 🙁
(-there are also other endings but I maybe will do that later idk)the ending

By Wadibadi

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