Undertale: How to mettaton EX

Are you having problems with Mettaton EX? Do you wanna beat Mettaton EX Pretty quickly? Are you struggling on getting the ratings up? Then this is the guide for you! In this guide, I will make sure to help with most of these problems! Spoilers for Pacifist!!!



If you are struggling, it may be time to boost you up with some actually useful items.

You may not know this, (Although you probably do) but armor actually gives you a huge boost in ratings, 1000-3000 ratings, to be more exact. You will probably want the most things of armor you can have, though I suggest grabbing the manly bandanna, old tutu, cloudy glasses and anything else, make sure to wear the bandage while beggining the fight, since it doesn’t give any fashion points.

If you threw away all your armor because you “weren’t gonna use it anymore” Then good luck! Resetting is always available if you are struggling too much, it will take a ton of time though.

This might be one of the easier ones to explain, all food you buy from burgerpants will give you a pretty good boost in ratings, the glamburger in the trash can being a easy way to get them

Do NOT get the junk food. Its useless in this fight, as it actually removes ratings instead.


The easiest strategy I have found myself is this

Go instantly to “ACT”, the more time you waste on the menu, the more ratings drop.
Do a “Heel Boast”, to give ratings while damaged, then drop down to 9 HP if you are not good at the 3 Legs in a row attack and the arm + Minitons attack, if you are only bad at one of those 2, then drop down to 4, if you are good at both, drop down to 1 hp.

(Not Necessary) 9 HP Help.
3-Legs in a row
Go down to the bottom left, as the legs come shoot them in a order to not take damage, then (Because this will help the ratings) Go through the next 3 legs.
Minitons + Arms
Shoot the first arm, after that you can go through the minitons and arm, and drop down to 1 hp

Back the the normal topic
Go to “ITEMS” and start putting on your armor, save the manly bandanna for last, as it gives 3000 instead of 1000, After this keep on posing, if you are on 1 hp you will get 600 points, which will really help after the armor, keep repeating until you get to the max ratings, if you are having a difficult time on 1 hp, eat a glamburger or anything from burgerpants, you will heal and gain a couple of points for choosing an awesome brand.

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