Undertale: Jevil Damageless Tips (Deltarune Demo)

Since I can’t make this guide on the Deltarune Demo, because of course I can’t, I’ll be making this here.


Important Battle Info

A lot of this battle is up to RNG. The only real consistent thing is his attack order. Despite this, a majority of attacks require good RNG patterns, so chances are, lots of resets are necessary

Turn-to-Turn Actions

You’ll only do 3 things throughout the battle:

1. Defend with everyone if you have less than 50% TP at the start of your turn
2. Use Hypnosis to make Jevil more tired every time if possible
3. Use Pacify when Jevil is truly exhausted

Why not use Pirouette?

Pirouette causes a “random” effect when used. Despite this, it isn’t fully random. People have learned that Pirouette causes a different effect based on which turn you are on in battle. Despite this, none of Pirouette’s effects are useful for a damageless run of Jevil, unless you go into attack him. If you do decide to get his Devilsknife without taking damage, then only use Pirouette on the 2nd turn

Suit Bomb Attacks

Jevil’s bomb attacks are some of the hardest attacks, along with Devilsknife+ and Carousel+. The tips for these mostly rely on RNG

Hearts Bomb: Stay at the middle bottom or top. From here, keep moving diagonally to weave in between rings. Only go through a ring if you can easily perform proper movements, and there’s no other rings nearby

Club Bomb: Hope for good RNG. This is the main best way to do it. If most bombs spawn on one side, just hide on the other, so they can spread out and give you more breathing room. If it’s even on both sides, just stay in the middle and hope

Spade Bomb: Not the hardest, just track ahead of your path to make sure you’re not walking into a bullet

Diamond Bomb: Probably the easiest. Hug the path of bullets’ travel without walking into it. It’s a good TP farm

Chaos Bomb (The Run Killer): No strategy. Just run around and hope you don’t get hit

Non-Bomb Attacks

Generally much easier, but don’t let your guard up

Spade Launch: The first and one of the last attacks. Really simple, just stay don’t stray too far from the spades. The TP is necessary and moving too far could put you in range of a bad spawn

Roundabout: Much easier than people make it out to be. Watch the first spade, and move the opposite of the way the spades fly through. Hug the middle for a lot of TP and easier dodging. Works like a charm, for me at least

Carousel: Horsies. This first attack is not that bad. Just stay on the heads of the middle row, as only the bodies will damage

Devilsknife: Let’s make it. This part isn’t too hard. Immediately run so you’re equal distance between two knives, and follow the direction they turn. After they start speeding up, loop around the knives in one corner or side

Flying Diamonds: A harder version of Rudinn’s attack. Stay at the top and memorize your position. You need to do this because you’ll be looking almost purely at the bottom spawns. Don’t move too much or you’ll lose track or focus

Club Orbs: A harder version of Clover’s attack. The stray of the orbs may make it seem tough, but it isn’t the worst. Stick to one corner, and when orbs spawn, move slightly towards the center. Then weave through two rows back into the corner

Carousel+: This is harder horsies. Despite what it seems, they actually do have a pattern. Divide the box into quarters, 1-4 from top to bottom. If the middle row starts at 1, they will go to 3, up to 2, then down to 4. Then reverse order. The harder part is that the ducks and horses have opposite patterns, so focus on one

Devilsknife+: Oh noes. This has majorly the same strategy as the first one, but loop one area starting at the beginning. Make sure to stick top right or bottom left. The Red Devilsknives can’t spawn there, and you have more time to react. There’s little else to add on here

Diamond Shooter: As hard as it is to keep track of, focus on your soul and the area around it. Move away from dense bullet areas

Final Chaos

There is nothing of note here. Jevil does have a pattern but as of writing this guide, I have not had an attempt reach the Final Chaos. If you can study the pattern, just stick in one area and only move if threatened

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