Undertale: Script for Tem Shop Money Maker

This is just an easy script to automate the key-presses you would need to do to farm gold at your wonderful local tem shop.


Why did I made this?

I simply made this because I’m a human, and that means being lazy. I found nothing of this sort that worked for me, so I created it myself. And now I’m just gonna share it.

How it works and .exe download.

This is a simple script that simulates keys being pressed and being unpressed, that’s it.
It loops infinite so you have to exit it, when you’re done making money.

For easy use and access I compiled it into an .exe that you can download. But obviously windows and google drive are unhappy about this, because it’s a script in an .exe file. So if you don’t trust me, you can go to the “If you don’t trust me:” chapter.

.exe Download (Google Drive): Link [drive.google.com]

There are two versions a fast (standard) and a slower one. Only use the slower one if the standard one brakes for some reason. I tried different speeds and found out that the standard speed seems to be almost the limit, faster and it tends to brake the game/stop the script. Speed meaning the time between key-presses.

How to use:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Start Undertale and go to Tem Village.
  3. Empty your inventory.
  4. Make sure you have at least 8 gold.
  5. Go into Tem Shop and stay on the “Buy” option.
  6. Now just start the .exe and wait, after 6 seconds it will start.
  7. Enjoy money!
  8. If you want to stop it, just right click, with your mouse, on the small icon in your taskbar.
  9. To restart, start from step 3.

If you don’t trust me:
I understand if you don’t wanna download some random .exe file. For that reason you can download the script directly. You will need AutoIt v3 to run these files. Easily found through search.

Script Download (Google Drive): Link [drive.google.com]
Needs AutoIt v3

Otherwise you can build the script yourself and edit it how you like. For easy copy and paste I included a pastebin dump. Just copy and paste the code into a new script in AutoIt v3 and run or compile it, do whatever you want lol.

Code copy & paste (PasteBin): Link [pastebin.com]

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