Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Secret Missions Lists

A list of Secret Missions in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.

What are Secret Missons

Secret Missions are missions that you can complete but that are not visible until you have already completed part of them. They often reward special titles but can also reward gems

Known Secret Missions

Equip a Card
100: Title: Showoff

Deal over 8.000 Damage in a single Attack
20: Title: Strong Arm

Win on your first Attack turn
5: Title: Demon

Win a Duel without Normal Summoning
1: Title: Unfathomable

Win by decking your opponent
20: Title: [Unknown]

When your opponent’s Monster attacks, your opponent takes Damage
10.000: 100 gems
more unknown rewards

Place a Spell Counter
20: 100 gems
more unknown rewards

Gain Life Points
5.000: 100 gems
30.000: 100 gems
100.000: 200 gems

Take control of your opponent’s Monster
10: 100 gems
40: 100 gems
more unknown rewards

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