Bloons TD 6: All Easter Eggs 2021

Here is a guide on how to find all easter eggs with the latest Halloween update.


Home Menu

Clicking on any of these spots will make a monkey appear! I won’t spoil who’s gonna pop up, that’s for you to find out!

The village clock actually shows you the time in real life.

Heroes Getting Angry

Repeatedly clicking on a hero will eventually make them angry and tell you to stop.

For an example, if clicked on Quincy enough times, he’ll say “Ohh, quit it!” and “Oh stop that!”.

Adora’s Temple

On this map, if you have Adora leveled up all the way to level 20 and fulfill the criteria for making the Vengeful True Sun God, both Adora and True Sun God will transform into Vengeful forms but with a twist – the temple turns into a grey/blackish colour and the waters red!

Another Brick

Clicking on the birds on this map will shoo them away!

The birds who’ve been scared off will eventually fly back to the brick wall and sit there again.

Candy Falls

In this flavorful map, you can do a little fun music easter egg by clicking in the right spots in the right order.

Doing this correctly will award you with an achievement.

The award you’ll get is Small Monkey Towers and will make all your towers ridiculously small! This can be toggled on by going to Options –> Extras.


On this spooky pumpkin-shaped map, you can find a cauldron to the right of the map. Clicking on the cauldron makes the cauldron jump and emit green light.

However, the real neat thing is that you can fit a Monkey Buccaneer or Monkey Submarine in that tiny cauldron!

Flooded Valley

Ah yes, Flooded Valley. The map where the map is 50% water, 50% land. But what if you could make flooded valley actually flooded? Well, you’re in luck! You can with this little easter egg!

The two panels as seen can be opened if pressed on five times. Start by clicking the upper panel first five times and then click five times on the lower panel.

You should now see both buttons. All you have to do now is press on the upper button and then press the lower button. If done correctly, the buttons should turn green and will reveal a huge red button.

This button will flood the rest of the map except for a few rocks.

However, it costs $5000 in order to flood the left portion of the map.

Frozen Over

The monkey that’s trapped in the ice is an actual tower in the game and was added in Version 17.0 as an easter egg.

To free him, you’ll need to place a Mortar Tower somewhere on the map and bombard the area as shown in the picture.

After ten mortar shots, the ice will start to crack.

Even more cracks!

…and voilá! He’s free! This secret tower can only be found on this specific map. Once freed, the tower will spawn at a random location alongside the track. He wields a club with an extremely short range but stuns Bloons for 1 second (0.25 on MOAB-class bloons) and has a decent attack speed.

The Cave Monkey can be moved with Heli Pilots Support Chinook ability, can be boosted by alchemists and even Overclocked by Engineers!


On this map, you can rotate the statue in the middle by clicking it!

Lotus Island

The flowers on this map has a niche use.

As shown in the image above, all of the lotus starts off like this but…

After some time has passed, the lotuses will sprout.

Clicking on the lotuses will stun nearby bloons for three seconds! The lotus will close afterwards and sprout again after some time has passed.

If you fulfill the criteria for getting the Vengeful True Sun God, the buds inside the lotuses will turn from orange to purple.

The shape of the map is actually a resemblance of Australia.


On this map, there’s a sword in a stone that can be activated once you click it 24 times. Every time you click on it, the sword will nudge a bit. After pressing for the 24th time, the sword will pull out of the stone and fling itself onto the strongest bloon on screen.

It deals 3 layers of damage but sadly has no pierce.

The Cabin

On this spooky map, you can trigger a little easter egg if you press certain parts of the map in the correct order.

For the last one, you’ll need to remove the car for $500 in order for it to trigger.

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