Bloons TD 6: How to Unlock Every Paragon Easily

The easiest way to unlock all the paragons


This only takes a few minutes per run
You get 45,950 exp each completion
You will need to unlock deflation
These were done without monkey knowledge so if you have it its even easier

Dart Monkey Paragon
5x 0-2-4 Dart Monkeys
2x 4-0-2 Dart Monkeys
Deflation unlocked on monkey meadow

Boomerang Monkey Paragon
2x 4-0-2 Boomerang Monkeys
1x 0-2-4 Boomerang Monkey
1x 2-0-2 Boomerang Monkey
1x 3-2-0 Monkey Village
Deflation unlocked on monkey meadow

Ninja Monkey Paragon
2x 2-0-3 Ninja Monkeys
2x 4-0-2 Ninja Monkeys
1x 2-3-0 Ninja Monkey
Deflation unlocked on monkey meadow

Monkey Buccaneer Paragon
1x 4-0-2 Monkey Buccaneer
1x 3-2-0 Monkey Buccaneer
1x 0-3-2 Monkey Buccaneer
Deflation unlocked on resort

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