Bloons TD 6: Top 5 Hottest Towers 2021

There are a lot of monkeys in the hit Ninja Kiwi game Bloons Tower Defence 6. There are also a lot of super cute monkeys


Number 5 Monkey in BTD6
0-0-5 Glue Gunner has two massive tubes filled with his super sticky goop, I can think of this upgrade as a Chinese finger trap but for much more than a finger… Two fingers for his two massive gaping holes.

Number 4 Alrightest Looking Monkey in BTD6
0-4-0 Ice Monkey is not wearing a jumper in this image, that is their massive, super hot mane. Like even look at the absolute chad aura flowing outta this guy, they are literally standing on top of a mountain. How can you get better than that? Well, 3 others can.

Number 3 Nicest Looking Monkey in BTD6
In all seriousness, I want Level 20 Adora to sacrifice me, I would do anything for my Queen. Her beauty is incredible, with her self confidence to show her tum tum in front of all of the other beta Dart Monkeys. Truly amazing.

Number 2 Goodest Looking Monkey in BTD6
Mutstach… Big arms… uuughhuhhh

Number 1 Hottest Monkey in BTD6
Wow what a surprise, its Sauda. Her immense beauty rivals that of Archer Queen. I think I have a crush.

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