Bloons TD 6: How To Properly Upgrade Paragon Tower

All you need to know!


Acquire and Summon Paragon

You need to gain a big amount of XP to unlock Paragon related to a tower.

How to see the Upgrade button
The in-game Paragon upgrade button appears when there are 3 different tier 5 of that tower on the map

Farm enough money required to upgrade, click and confirm.


Optimize your Paragon

Paragon Degree is how strong that Paragon became, it deals extra damage to blimps in late game and huge damage to Bosses.
To maximize your Paragon degree, make sure you have all of these requirements:

3 original tier 5 towers for base paragon.

100x times upgrades of that tower

$250,000+ upgrade cost of tier 4 minions

16.2+ million pops or $4,050,000 cash generated (banana farms, villages…) across all towers of the same type

Master Double Cross

If you have this monkey knowledge,
you’ll get a total of 4 tier 5 Dart in a solo game,
thus you’ll gain more Degree after complete the sacrifice.

Paragon Degree 100 Totems Requirement!

First buy Geraldo Hero with $5000 monkey money.

The hero need to reach level 20 to buy paragon totems in shop, each round will replenish a totem if bought.

The more you have, the higher the paragon degree will become when sacrificed.

(With Master Double Cross knowledge)
Solo max paragon: Dart – Degree 79; Other Towers – Degree D76
Paragon D100 totems requirement: 40 totems + D79 Dart Paragon / 45 totems + D76 Paragon.

2-Playermax paragon: Dart – Degree D91; OtherTowers – Degree D86
Paragon D100 totems requirement: 20 totems + D91 Dart Paragon / 30 totems + D86 Paragon.

3-Player max paragon: Dart – Degree D100; Other Towers – Degree D94
Paragon D100 totems requirement: 15 totems + D94 Paragon.

4-Player max paragon: Dart – Degree D100; Other Towers – Degree D100

To get Degree 100 in Coop, you need 9 other tier 5s
(not include 3 original tier 5 needed for paragon)

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