Bloons TD 6: How to Beat Peninsula on CHIMPS

Peninsula is an advanced and annoying map in BTD6, here is how to beat it on CHIMPS.



Peninsula is an advanced map in BTD6, and needless to say it is very annoying for some people, me included, to beat it on the harder game modes such as half cash and chimps.
After struggling with this map for sometime, I came up with a strategy to beat it on CHIMPS mode.
Obviously, it is CHIMPS, meaning monkey knowledge is disabled, so you don’t need any.
You only need “Captain Brickle” as your hero.
I hope this guide helps those struggling with it.

This guide was made on game v32.4.5757


Note: I suggest you turn off auto-start for this guide.

1. Start with a Dart monkey and an Engineer as shown in the pic below. Try to place the dart monkey at the top most part of this little bush as possible, and the engineer right below him and to the far left as possible. Try to make it pixel perfect.

2. During round 8, place a Sniper on top of the hill as soon as you have the money, and set its targeting to strong.

3. Upgrade the Engineer to 002

4. Get Brickle before round 14

5. Upgrade the Engineer to 003 (before round 17).

6. Get a Buccaneer and set its targeting to strong.

7. Place a 100 Monkey sub to Brickle’s right and as close to her as possible, then upgrade it to 200

8. Upgrade the Sniper to 010 before round 24.

9. Upgrade the Buccaneer to 010 and then to 020 ASAP.

10. Upgrade the Sub to 201, then to 202

11. Upgrade the Buccaneer to 022 (before round 33).

12. Upgrade the Sub to 203

13. Add another sub and upgrade it to 200, then to 202

Always place the subs as close to each other as possible.

14. Upgrade the first sub (203) to 204 (before round 40).

15. Activate Brickle’s lv.3 ability in round 40

16. Upgrade the 2nd sub to 203

17. Remove the obstacle at the end of the track (top right) and place a Spike factory, then upgrade it to 202 and set it’s targeting to “Smart”.

18. Place a Mortar monkey 023 on the hill. Don’t change its default target.

19. Add another sub on the right and upgrade it to 203

20. During round 49, activate Brickle’s lv.3 ability when the ceramics start to rush in. You may want to slow down to time it right. The window is big, so don’t sweat it.

21. Activate Brickle’s lv.3 ability in round 54

22. Activate Brickle’s lv.3 ability in round 60

23. Upgrade the first monkey sub (204) to Sub commander (205) before round 61

24. Add another 203 sub.

25. Upgrade the spike factory to 204

26. Upgrade the mortar monkey to 024 (you should be able to get it during round 74).

27. Remove the obstacle on the lower left and place an Ice monkey on the top right part of it, then upgrade it to 031

28. Place a 200 Village on the frozen water right next to Brickle and make sure all the subs are in its range.
Important: Make sure to place all future subs within the range of the village.

29. During round 78, activate Brickle’s lv.3 ability on the 2nd ceramic rush.

30. Upgrade the village to 220

31. Use Brickle’s lv.10 ability (Mega mine) on the ZOMG in round 80 by placing it near the entrance, you can set it before you start the round.

32. Place a 401 Alchemist on the frozen water below the village.

33. Place another 3 Monkey Subs (203) and another 401 Alchemist.

34. Upgrade the Village to 230

35. Upgrade one of the Subs to 204

36. Place a 402 Sniper in the range of the village and set its targeting to “Strong”.

37. Upgrade another Sub to 204

38. Activate Brickle’s lv.3 ability in round 94

39. Place a 040 Ninja on the hill, then activate its ability (Bloon sabotage) in round 95 once the MOABs start to rush in.

40. Upgrade 2 other Subs to 204 before round 96.

41. Upgrade the last 2 Subs to 204 before round 97

42. Use Brickle’s lv.10 ability (Mega mine) on the fortified ZOMGs in round 97, set it near the entrance before you start the round.

43. Once round 98 starts, activate the Ninja’s Bloon sabotage ability, then activate Brickle’s lv.3 ability right after it.

44. Place another Sub and upgrade it to 240 this time during round 99, and use Brickle’s lv.10 ability on the fortified DDTs. You can set up by placing the Mega mine near Brickle before you start the round.
Note: It is possible to pass the round without the Mega mine, but it is a bit risky as some bloons might get past the defenses, even thought I doubt they will get past the spikes. I did it on a test run and nothing leaked past the spikes. Anyway, you don’t need it for round 100, so feel free to use it in round 99

45. Use Brickle’s lv.3 ability at the start of round 100, then use the 240 Sub’s “First strike” ability a couple of seconds after the BAD loses it’s wings. If you time it right, the BAD won’t spawn anything once you destroy it.

Congratulation! You have beaten Peninsula on CHIMPS.

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