Bloons TD 6: Monkey Knowledge Guide

In this guide I will be ranking every single monkey knowledge point from a 0-10 and then explaining what it does and why I gave it that ranking. I will also briefly go over what monkey knowledge is and what monkey knowledge trees you should max out first.   What Is Monkey Knowldege? Monkey knowledge … Read more

Bloons TD 6: Cubism Full Guide

This guide will be about how to beat all difficulties on Cubism, my opinions about Cubism and some other stuff related to Cubism.   Cubism, Standard, Easy Monkeys needed : Alchemist Monkey Village Tack shooter Upgrades Needed: 2-0-4 Tack shooter 4-0-1 Alchemist 3-2-0 Village (4-2-0 if you can) Insta monkeys needed : None Powers needed … Read more