Bloons TD 6: Monkey Knowledge Guide

In this guide I will be ranking every single monkey knowledge point from a 0-10 and then explaining what it does and why I gave it that ranking. I will also briefly go over what monkey knowledge is and what monkey knowledge trees you should max out first.


What Is Monkey Knowldege?

Monkey knowledge can be found on the main menu upon entering BTD6.

after clicking that button you will be greeted with 6 different category’s of monkey knowledge. Primary, military, magic, support, heroes and powers.

after clicking on one of these you will find monkey knowledge trees which you will then be able to spend monkey knowledge points on.

When you buy one of these upgrades you’re monkeys will be given a permanent buff and that buff will be dependent on what upgrade you buy. These buffs will work in all games apart from CHIMPS games and any challenge that involves no monkey knowledge.

How Do I Get Monkey Knowledge?

Starting from Level 30, every level up will reward the player with 1 Knowledge Point to use. You can get XP to level up by just playing the game. However you will earn more XP depending on the map and wave you complete. But note that once you start doing freeplay you will be getting much less account XP. So I highly suggest you DON’T DO freeplay if you want XP. You can check your XP progress on the main menu in the top left.

You can also farm XP by playing on an expert map in deflation to do a semi afk XP grind. I highly suggest you don’t do this, because it’s boring and you would have a much more fun time getting it the traditional way. But if you REALLY WANT TO GRIND then here is a video by Hbomb:

You can also get monkey knowledge points from some achievements. These include:


All for one and one for one

Bloons Master

Monkey Philanthropist

Rising star

A year in the making

Superior Bloons Master

2TC (hidden achievement)

Ultimate Bloons Master

You can also get monkey knowledge by buying it in the store with real world money.

Although I highly suggest you never ever buy these. It’s basically a scam. But if you have money to waste then go ahead and buy them I’m not your dad.

Going Over ALL Primary Monkey Knowledge!
Full Primary Monkey Knowledge Skill Tree:

Ranking Every Single Primary Monkey Knowledge:
Fast Tack Attacks

Tack Shooter attack speed increased by 8%

My Opinion: 7/10

if you use tack shooters a lot then this is definitely the upgrade for you and it’s the best monkey knowledge upgrade for tack shooter. Giving the tack shooter almost a 10% attack speed boost is crazy good and will really help the tack zone and inferno ring. Unfortunately it won’t really help the super maelstrom as you really only get it for the ability

Increased Lifespan

Longer projectile lifespan for Dart Monkey, Bomb Shooter, Tack Shooter, and Glue Gunner.
NOTE: Does not apply to Ice Monkey or Boomerang Monkey

My Opinion: 1/10

The amount of times this will come in handy is very very rare. This monkey knowledge would have been useful for Boomerang Monkey’s top and bottom path but sadly he doesn’t get the buff. So increased lifespan remains a forgotten monkey knowledge.

Extra Dart Pops

Dart Monkeys get +1 pierce to all shots.

My Opinion: 6.5/10

For most towers in BTD6 increasing the pierce by just one wouldn’t be a big deal. However giving it to the dart monkey, a very cheap tower that does well on the early rounds will help out immensely. Unfortunately this buff becomes much less notable when you get into later rounds or you go for the spike-o-pult upgrades. This also pairs well with the free dart monkey knowledge.

Poppy Blades

Blade Shooter upgrade gets +2 pierce.
NOTE: The pierce goes from 6-8

My Opinion: 5/10

I’m going to be honest, I rarely use the tack shooter middle path. But this monkey knowledge would be very useful for big clusters of bloons. The reason why it’s only a 5 is because when you get to harder rounds like 63 your blade shooter’s attack won’t be beating it. It’s the ability that will be beating it and fun fact the ability has 200 pierce and you almost never have one blade hit over 200 bloons in it’s lifespan making this monkey knowledge almost redundant.

Hard Tacks

Tack Shooter tacks can pop Frozen Bloons.
NOTE: Frozen-popping is now no longer limited to Hot Shots and above or Super Maelstrom.

My Opinion: 8/10

This is a really good monkey knowledge because tack and ice are a pretty underrated, decent combo and not having to get hot shots or a MIB to pop frozen bloons is a game changer.

Fast Glue

Glue Gunner 10% increased attack speed.

My Opinion: 5/10

Very hard rating this one personally. Fast Glue will give a massive buff to basic glue gunners helping them coat more bloons in the early rounds. This will also really help the top path glue gunner, and it’s an okay buff for the bottom path. Unfortunately middle path shoots so fast that it doesn’t need a 10% attack speed increase making this knowledge redundant.

Fraggy Frags

Frag bombs get 2 extra frags.
NOTE: Increases number of frags per bomb from 8 to 10. 3-0-2 from 10 to 12, 4-0-2 and 5-0-2 from 16 to 18.

My Opinion: 6/10

Not broken but a very useful monkey knowledge to help bomb shooters do more grouped damage and to pop those pesky black boons and damage DDT’s.

Cheap ‘Rangs

Base cost of Boomerang Thrower reduced by 50.
NOTE: Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties. So for example if Boomerang Monkey costs $275 on easy normally then he will now cost $225. And if Boomerang Monkey is $350 on hard he will now cost only $300.

My Opinion: 6/10

A very boring knowledge but it is very useful for half cash games, since money will be tight and you need a cheap defense. It can also save you quite a bit of money when you are getting sacrifices for the Boomerang Monkey paragon.

Crossbow Reach

Crossbow range increased.
NOTE: Increases range of the Crossbow and its upgrades by 3

My Opinion: 2/10

Increasing the range by 3 is insignificant in basically every single game. You could get this monkey knowledge and I wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t see the difference.

Big Inferno

Inferno Ring upgrade gets +3 burst radius.
NOTE: Base Inferno Ring range increases from 35 to 38.

My Opinion: 2.5/10

Like the Crossbow Reach monkey knowledge, +3 range is not a lot at all. Although this is a bit better because the tack shooter has barely any range. So this helps him out a little bit better.

Icy Chill

Freeze radius slightly increased.
NOTE: Increases range by +3

My Opinion: 2.5/10

Again +3 range is not a big range increase. However the ice tower doesn’t have much range so giving a range buff to one of his upgrades helps a bit.

More Splatty Glue

Glue Splatter can affect up to 8 Bloons per shot.
NOTE: Increases Glue Splatter pierce by 2. Does not affect The Bloon Solver unless crosspathing with Glue Splatter.

My Opinion: 5/10

A very mediocre Monkey knowledge. More Splatty Glue really does help with the Glue Gunners ability to coat more bloons that are in high dense rushes such as round 63.

Budget Clusters

Bomb Shooter’s Cluster Bombs cost reduced by 100.
NOTE: Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the cost will always be $100 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.

My Opinion: 8/10

If you are doing cluster bomb spam strategies then this monkey knowledge would be a 10/10 for you. $100 off per cluster bomb does add up and I highly suggest you get this monkey knowledge if that’s your go to strategy.

Extra Bounce

Increase Boomerang Ricochet to bounce up to 80 times.
NOTE: Increases the pierce of ricocheting Glaives, including M.O.A.R Glaives and Glaive Lord, by 30.

My Opinion: 7/10

A 30 pierce is very very good. The only downside to this is that sometimes you won’t be able to make use of the pierce making this upgrade redundant. But if it uses all pierce then you will be dealing a lot of damage.

Recurring ‘Rangs

Boomerangs that return to the Boomerang Monkey will be thrown a second time.
NOTE: This was added in Version 22.0 to replace Ambidextrous ‘Rangs. Which is now a built-in feature for the Boomerang Monkey.

My Opinion: 7.5/10

This monkey knowledge alone allows the boomerang monkey to do much more damage on early waves and is really able to carry you for quite a while in half cash games. Allowing you to have a cheap defense and you are able to build up farms.

CONTINUED Primary Knowledge 2
4 And 4

Dart Monkey’s triple shot gets 4 darts every 4th shot.

My Opinion: 4/10

Just like the name this gets a score of 4. This is alright for the early rounds but you won’t always have the 4th dart hit a bloon and it has a tendency to miss. Making this a bad monkey knowledge unfortunately.

Force vs Force

Juggernaut does +2 damage per shot to MOAB-Class Bloons.
NOTE: This Also applies to sub-projectiles from the Ultra-Juggernaut.

My Opinion: 6/10

This +2 damage to MOAB class bloons is not a lot, and I would have rated this monkey knowledge MUCH lower especially looking at the Juggernaut’s slow firing speed. However because it also applies to the sub projectiles of the Ultra-Juggernaut it makes it not a terrible MOAB killer especially using it on enclosed maps.

So… Cold…

Ice Monkey’s Permafrost upgrade slows by 60%.
NOTE: Increases effect from 50% to 60%.

My Opinion: 5.5/10

This monkey knowledge is great for stall purposes so you can charge abilities or boost your income from druid or snipers. However the amount of times I have to stall in real games is not a lot and this monkey knowledge is only really helpful in challenges. Also permafrost is not a great stall in general and it’s expensive if you want it to really slow moab class bloons.

Aviation Grade Glue

MOAB Glue slows more than normal.
NOTE: MOAB Glue and Relentless Glue slowdown effect for MOAB-class bloons increases from 37.5% slowdown to 50% slowdown.

My Opinion: 7/10

Unlike So… Cold… monkey knowledge, Aviation Grade Glue is an amazing stall that’s cheap and reliable. I always get MOAB glue in my games and having a buff that increases that slow by 12.5% is incredible. This slow allows your other towers to have more time to deal damage before they leave their range.

Mega Mauler

MOAB Mauler does more damage per hit.
NOTE: Increases MOAB-class damage by 2. MOAB Maulers will deal 20 damage to MOAB-class instead of 18, non-ability MOAB Assassins will deal 32 damage instead of 30, while non-ability MOAB Eliminators will deal 102 damage instead of 100.

My Opinion: 8/10

If you spam MOAB maulers then this monkey knowledge will be a 10/10 for you. This +2 damage is really good considering the splash damage and how cheap maulers are.

Hard Press

MOAB Press special knockback boomerangs push back 30% further.

My Opinion: 8/10

Another reliable and great stall for such a cheap price. It’s not unheard of to spam 0-2-4 Boomerang Monkeys so you can make sure MOAB class bloons will never make progress. This monkey knowledge will really help on round 98 and other rounds with a lot MOAB’s.

Master Double Cross

Allows you to have TWO Crossbow Masters.

My Opinion: 7/10

Very very helpful in boss events so you can have 10,000 power! Unfortunately outside of boss events you won’t be utilizing this monkey knowledge often.

Big Cryo Blast

Cryo Cannon gets increase blast radius.
NOTE: Increases blast radius by 5.

My Opinion: 6/10

Not a bad monkey knowledge but not good either. You can’t go wrong by getting it and it can help against spread out bloons and the tier 5 is able to hit DDT’s a bit more reliably. But in all honestly it just remains as an average stepping stone upgrade.


Snowstorm freezes Bloons for longer.
NOTE:Snowstorm ability freezes bloons for 1 second longer. Also affects Absolute Zero and its global Ice Monkey buff.

My Opinion: 4.5/10

One second is not that big of a difference but it does help for stalling purposes. Not much too talk about on this one just a bad stepping stone upgrade.

Cheaper Solution

Bloon Liquifier cost reduced by 1000.
NOTE: Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the cost will always be $1000 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.

My Opinion: 6.5/10

A very solid monkey knowledge and allows you to have a very cheap defense against a small groups of ceramics. Especially handy on half cash mode.

Violent Impact

Bomb Shooter’s Bloon Impact stuns for 25% longer.
NOTE: Increases effect from 1 seconds to 1.25 seconds for Bloon Impact. Bloon Crush effect increased stun effect from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds.

My Opinion: 8.5/10

Such a good monkey knowledge. This allows you to reliably perma-stun bloons allowing your towers to have a lot more time to hit their target in thier range.

Long Turbo

Boomerang Turbo Charge ability lasts 15 seconds.
NOTE: Increases effect by 5 seconds. Also affects Perma Charge’s ability.

My Opinion: 7/10

Solid monkey knowledge and it really helps your perma charge. It also combines very well with the Bionic Augmentation monkey knowledge allowing it to have a longer time to hit camo bloons.

Bionic Augmentation

While Turbo Charge is active, Bionic Boomerang is able to target Camo Bloons
NOTE: Turbo Charge is the ability meaning that it will only hit camo bloons while the ability is active.

My Opinion: 2/10

This Monkey knowledge is basically worthless. by the time you get a 0-4-0 Boomerang Monkey you won’t need the camo detection because you will probably have another tower for camo or you have a 0-2-0 village which gives camo detection permanently. Making this monkey knowledge redundant.

CONTINUED Primary Knowledge 3
Come On Everybody!

Primary towers attack 5% faster if all are below tier 3, and cost 5% less if all are tier 3 or 4.
NOTE: The 5% attack speed bonus will be voided once any of the Primary Monkeys are upgraded to Tier 3 or above until the conditions are met again. Likewise, the 5% discount will be voided if any of the Primary Monkeys are below Tier 3 or are upgraded to Tier 5, until the conditions are met again.

My Opinion: 6.5/10

A bit controversial but I don’t think this monkey knowledge is that good. the 5% attack speed buff is minimal and especially because only your tier 2 or lower primary monkeys get the attack speed buff and you won’t often notice it. Although the 5% price reduction is great for half cash mode because you save a few dollars.

Bonus Monkey!

Start each game with a free Dart Monkey!
NOTE: You may only choose a single free Monkey Tower per game.

My Opinion: 10/10

This monkey knowledge is easily one of the best out there. Starting the game with a free dart monkey is amazing and can carry you through early rounds so you can farm earlier. This knowledge is also amazing in half cash since you don’t have to pay anything for one dart monkey.

Bonus Glue Gunner

Start each game with 1 free Glue Gunner!
NOTE: You may only choose a single free Monkey Tower per game.

My Opinion: 9.5/10

The Glue Gunner in my opinion is a worse tower to pick than the Dart Monkey in terms of damage and support. Here is a video by Ethan Reid explaining in depth, why the Dart Monkey is better in almost every situation:

More Cash

Increase starting cash by 200
NOTE: This means that the player will start with $850 on all game modes except Half Cash where players only get $425, and CHIMPS where players get $650, as Monkey Knowledge is turned off there. This is also applied before the effects of Double Cash mode, meaning that the $200 bonus becomes a $400 bonus ($200 bonus instead of $100 bonus in Half Cash). As of 18.0, this +$200 extra starting cash is split among all players evenly (+$100 for two-player, +~$66 for three-player, and $50 for four-player).

My Opinion: 10/10

A free 200 dollars in any game to start with is amazing and allows you to farm earlier and get more expensive towers much more earlier than you would have normally got them. Such a massive help in every game.

Going Over ALL Military Monkey Knowledge!
Full Military Monkey Knowledge Skill Tree:

Ranking Every Single Military Monkey Knowledge:
Naval Upgrades

Monkey Buccaneer and Monkey Sub get +1 pierce per shot.
NOTE: Every Monkey Buccaneer or Monkey Sub attack has +1 pierce. Increases pierce of each Monkey Buccaneer dart from 4 to 5. Increases Monkey Sub default dart pierce from 2 to 3.

My Opinion: 7.5/10

Really good monkey knowledge for the sub especially. The buccaneer is a nice little buff but you won’t see it too often unfortunately. However the sub getting +1 pierce is so good especially considering that the subs main attack homes in on bloons. This means you will see this helping a lot in your games. Especially the earlier rounds.

Airforce Upgrades

Monkey Ace and Heli Pilot get +1 pierce per shot.
NOTE: The default dart pierce of Monkey Ace is increased from 5 to 6 per dart, while default Heli Pilot dart pierce is increased from 3 to 4.

My Opinion: 6/10

The pierce on the heli is a nice little buff, but you won’t be seeing it utilized all the time. The plane pierce is almost useless to… BUT neva-miss targeting will use that pierce buff a lot making this monkey knowledge very strong when paired with neva-miss.

Elite Military Training

All Military Monkeys get a one-off +1000 XP and earn XP in-game 5% faster permanently.
NOTE: Does not affect account XP. Just Military Tower XP.

My Opinion: 5/10

Very hard to rank this monkey knowledge since it’s just a tower XP buff for military monkeys. I highly suggest you get this knowledge as soon as you start your play through so you don’t have to grind for tower xp as long for military monkeys. Unfortunately once you get all the upgrades for military then this becomes useless.

Emergency Unlock

Activated ability: unlocks locked Dartling Gunners and boost their swivel speed for a short time.
NOTE: When at least one Dartling Gunner is locked to shoot in one direction, an ability will appear that allows the player to automatically unlock ALL Dartling Gunners to shoot at the targeted location. Dartling Gunners also spin faster by 33% for 5 seconds.

My Opinion: 5/10

If you are bad at micro then this is the knowledge for you. Now you can unlock ALL Dartling Gunners with a press of a button and you get a swivel speed buff as well temporarily. Unfortunately this doesn’t increase damage so it’s pretty mediocre

Big Bunch

Grape Shot shoots 6 grapes.
NOTE: Shoots 6 grapes instead of 5 grapes. Also applies to Hot Shot grapes. When interacting with 2-1-0 crosspathing, grapes are actually increased from 10 to 11, not 12.

My Opinion: 6.5/10

A good monkey knowledge that helps the buccaneer deal with groups of bloons better. If you use buccaneers for farming or damage then get this because it’s solid.

Accelerated Aerodarts

Darts from Monkey Aces fly faster.
NOTE: Darts fly 50% faster.

My Opinion: 4.5/10

A very unimpressive monkey knowledge that just lets the darts fly faster. This means that it DOES NOT INCREASE ATTACK SPEED. Still good to have with the bottom and top path ace.

Ceramic Shock

Sniper hits on Ceramic Bloons slow them down briefly.
NOTE: Any hits by Sniper Monkeys on Ceramic Bloons will cause them -90% speed for 1 seconds. Slow effect is the same for all calibres of Path 1. Slow effect can also be applied to Ceramics hit with Shrapnel Shot projectiles.

My Opinion: 8.5/10

Very handy monkey knowledge to help with the MOAB’s insides or round 40. and also very handy with rounds like 63. Use middle and bottom path snipers to hit as many ceramic bloons as possible.

Breaking Ballistic

Ballistic Missiles do more damage to Ceramic Bloons.
NOTE: Deals +1 damage to Ceramic Bloons, and therefore the base Ballistic Missile attack will deal 6 damage instead of 5 versus Ceramic Bloons. Also affects Pre-Emptive Strike.

My Opinion: 4/10

+1 damage to ceramics is not a lot to really make a difference which is why I gave it such a low rating. However it still doesn’t hurt to have this upgrade and it does help on rounds like 63 and 76.

Faster Takedowns

MOAB Takedown Ability has 5 second faster cooldown.
NOTE: Ability cooldown of Monkey Pirates and Pirate Lord decreases from 50 seconds and 30 seconds to 45 seconds and 25 seconds, respectively.

My Opinion: 6/10

Helpful monkey knowledge especially for pirate lord. This will really help pirate lord beat rounds like 98 considering how many BFB’s and ZOMG’s there are. It is also nice to have a buff on the
0-4-0 pirate lord.

Targeted Pineapples

Pineapples are only dropped near tracks.
NOTE: Drops Pineapples only near tracks, similar to Bomber Ace’s bombs.

My Opinion: 6.5/10

This monkey knowledge gets rid of exploding pineapples biggest weakness. Always missing. Because of this monkey knowledge the ace will have a much easier time dealing with grouped bloons and stacking on some extra dps.

Rapid Razors

Razor Rotors pop Bloons faster.
NOTE: Pops 25% faster than normal.

My Opinion: 6.5/10

Very solid buff to your heli, allowing them to do quite a bit of extra DPS. Honestly not a broken monkey knowledge but still pretty good. This will also allow your heli to keep up with later rounds. So you don’t have to spend as much money on defence.

CONTINUED Military Knowledge 2
Extra Burny Stuff

Burny Stuff pops every second.
NOTE: Napalm from Burny Stuff burns 0.25s faster. By default, will pop Bloons every second instead of every 1.25 seconds. Also applies to napalm from all other variants of this upgrade including crosspaths with Burny Stuff. Blooncineration is also affected by Extra Burny Stuff, but instead pops Bloons every 0.5s instead of every 0.75s. Shell Shock and above with Burny Stuff burns every 0.375s instead of 0.625s.

My Opinion: 8.5/10

If the description is too complicated well just know that overall this monkey knowledge is on fire. This is basically turning burny stuff from a small DOT effect to a weaker bloon solver. But still very handy to use and will wreck all bloons except purples.

Cheaper Maiming

Maim MOAB cost reduced by 1000.
NOTE: Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the cost will always be $1000 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.

My Opinion: 8.5/10

Giving the Maim MOAB upgrade a $1000 dollar discount is so good. Because now it’s a cheap and reliable support for stunning any MOAB class bloons (apart from BADS). I highly suggest that you get this monkey knowledge point.

Gorgon Storm

Hydra Rocket Storm stuns damaged Bloons for a short time.
NOTE: Rockets spawned from the Rocket Storm ability can stun any bloon including MOAB-class. Stuns bloons for 0.5s per rocket, or 0.1s for MOAB-class. The same applies to M.A.D.

My Opinion: 8/10

Giving the rocket storm ability a stun is amazing and highly underrated. This will help a lot in events such as races and it’s good to stall so your towers can have more time to hit the bloons or to charge other abilities.

Quad Burst

Airburst Darts split into 4 instead of 3.
NOTE: Also applies for Triple Guns, Armor Piercing Darts, and Sub Commander.

My Opinion: 9/10

Sub strategy users drool at the mouth over this monkey knowledge. This makes sub spam amazing. Also bottom path subs benefit from alch buff a lot more too due to the increased amount of projectiles.

Trade Agreements

Merchantman generates +$20 per round.
NOTE: Increased income per round also stacks with percentage income bonuses from Central Market and Monkey City. Bonus +$20 per round also applies to Favored Trades, Trade Empire, and Navarch of the Seas.

My Opinion: 9/10

This monkey knowledge is very good for boat farm. Giving the banana farms some competition. Very useful in boss events and half cash mode.

Gun Coolant

Monkey Aces attack 10% faster.

My Opinion: 6.5/10

A 10% attack speed buff is nothing to scoff at. This will really benefit the top and bottom path aces. It won’t help the middle path much though because you only really get it for the ability. Overall very solid buff

Paint Stripper

Mortar shattering shells removes Camo from DDT Bloons.
NOTE: Allows the Signal Flare upgrade to remove camo from DDTs, and also Shattering Shells to remove DDT fortification.

My Opinion: 8/10

Removing the camo from DDT’s to me is not that big of a deal since you could just get a 0-2-0 village. However the reason why I am giving it such a high rating is because of the defortification on DDT’s making round 99 one of the hardest rounds in impoppable a joke.

Cross the Streams

Where Plasma or Doom beams cross on the track they create temporary plasma pools.
NOTE: Where two Plasma Accelerator or Ray of Doom beams meet, they will create a temporary pool of plasma similar to the Alchemist’s Acid Pool. These pools have a special Damage Over Time effect.

My Opinion: 1/10

Lets be honest how many times do you get two plasma accelerators or 2 ray of dooms in coop? Because if you are any normal person, you wouldn’t ever have 2 of them at once. Also the plasma pool does barely any damage. (WHICH IS WHAT THE KNOWLEDGE DOES BTW). This easily makes this knowledge the worst knowledge point in the entire game!

CONTINUED Military Knowledge 3
Flanking Maneuvers

Sniper, Monkey Sub & Monkey Buccaneer attack 10% faster when set to ‘Last’ targeting priority.
NOTE: Setting it to any other target priority will remove the 10% attack speed bonus until reverted back to Last.

My Opinion: 1.5/10

Even though a 10% attack speed buff is great. Making any of these 3 towers target last will almost always be more of a nerf than anything. It does have it’s moments but honestly you shouldn’t even bother with this one.


Advanced flight pathing that coordinates multiple Monkey Aces on staggered attack runs.
NOTE: Adds a new flight path called “Wingmonkey” to all Monkey Aces. When a Monkey Ace is set to Wingmonkey, it will fly in a similar way to the Aircraft Carrier’s planes.

My Opinion: ?/10

This can be a useful monkey knowledge or a steaming pile of monkey poo depending on the map. It is better to do ace micro almost every time but if you can’t be bothered at doing micro then you could use this. Just use it at your own risk.

Aeronautic Subsidy

Monkey Ace tier 5 upgrades cost 10% less.

My Opinion: 7.5/10

The discounts for these are massive which is really good if you want to get something like a cheap flying fortress. Very helpful in games like impoppable where you could sell most of your towers for a flying fortress if you know it will take home the win.

Charged Chinooks

Chinook Activated Abilities give 25% more lives and cash.
NOTE: Allows the Support Chinook to drop $2,250 and 12 lives. Also affects Special Poperations as well, to $5,625 and 31 lives.

My Opinion: 4/10

If you like heli farming in BTD6 then by all means get this one it will really help you out. Unfortunately it’s still out shined by farms and buccaneers even with this monkey knowledge. But hey it helps to make a bit of extra money.

Budget Battery

Artillery Battery cost reduced by 600.
NOTE: Discount is applied after price multiplier for other difficulties: the cost will always be $600 less than normal regardless of the difficulty.

My Opinion: 3/10

a tier 4 getting a $600 dollar price nerf is just not enough especially considering the tier 4 isn’t that good in my opinion. Although it’s still helpful to have and it can come in handy when playing on maps like moon landing.

Master Defender

Elite Defender has no cooldown.
NOTE: Elite Defender will no longer have a cooldown for its 4x attack speed ability; it will now always trigger the 4x attack speed ability if any lives were lost within the past 7 seconds.

My Opinion: 1.5/10

Another absolute garbage monkey knowledge. Any time you leak bloons in the mid or late game you will die. Plain simple. The only reason I didn’t give it a 1 is because ezili’s totem can activate the elite defender’s ability almost nuking anything on screen.

Sub Admiral

Sub Commander affects all Monkey Subs on screen.
NOTE: Sub Commander grants its +4 pierce and double damage buff to all Monkey Subs on screen.

My Opinion: 9/10

Sub users are drooling again. This is a very good buff to sub commander as now all subs on screen will be affected by his buff so they no longer have to be in his range. This can help on maps like spice islands or any maps where waters is spread out everywhere.

Military Conscription

Purchase price of first Military Monkey each game is two thirds the normal.
NOTE: Purchase price of first Military Monkey in each game is discounted by 33%. Once any Military Monkey is purchased, all the other price bonuses are voided, even if that specific tower was not used. Can stack with the Advanced Logistic effect.

My Opinion: 10/10

This is such a good monkey knowledge. This is very helpful in games like half cash where money is tight and allows more money to be stored for farms.

Door Gunner

Special Poperations Heli allows tier 4 and below Monkey Towers to attack Bloons while in transit.
NOTE: Allows towers that are Tier 4 or lower to attack bloons while carried by the Heli Pilot. They will continue being carried along with the Heli Pilot until placed down with the Door Gunner ability. Then the carried tower can be repositioned to anywhere on the map.

When the Door Gunner ability is active, it also consumes the Redeploy Tower ability. Likewise, using the Redeploy Tower ability consumes the Door Gunner ability. As such, cooldown for Door Gunner is exactly the same as the Redeploy Tower ability. Cooldown for Door Gunner starts once the tower has been placed onto a new spot.

My Opinion: 6.5/10

The best tier 4 monkeys to put in the heli is brittle because now you can have a brittle always hitting the bloons in first. My other favourite is a tier 4 boat because if the helicopter is now near any tower their sell value will be increased. Watch this video by Ethan Reid for some other examples like these:

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