Cuphead: 3 New Achievements & New Secret Guide

As a part of Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is a bunch of new achievements and secrets. In this guide, I’ll give the walkthrough on getting the Hearty achievement, the two secret achievements, and the final secret unlockable


Hearty Achievement

Have 9 HP at a single time

In order to do this, you need to fight King Dice using the Parry Ring charm. Once you’ve entered the fight, continue resetting the Heart spaces until there’s a heart unlockable on either 4 (Pip & Dot the Domino), or 5 (Hopus Pocus the Rabbit). In order to get the achievement, you cannot take any damage at all! You must land on each heart space on the board, as well as going into the 4/5 fight, and not fighting until you get 6 parries. This will give you 3 extra HP. Upon finishing those, and landing on the final heart space, you will have 9 HP, and get the achievement

Secret Achievement #1

A Horrible Night To Have a Curse: Survive the Night

This is a complicated path, so follow the instructions:

1. Buy the Broken Relic from Porkrind’s Emporium if you haven’t. It’s the key to this and the next achievement

2. Head to the North and talk to the people in the climbing competition. Each one will have a specific direction hidden in a line of dialogue (It’s downright shameful…).

3. Go East towards the graveyard, by the Howling Aces fight. Using the middle as a reference, interact with the front of each gravestone as told by the order from 1-3 in the competition. If you do it correctly, a beacon will shine upon the gravestone, and you can take a nap

4. Survive the boss fight. It’s recommended you bring the Crackshot, to keep up damage as much as possible. On either side of the field is an Angel and a Devil, both based off of The Devil from the main game. In the middle is a cloud which goes up and down, left to right. Stay above it, or roll under with Ms. Chalice’s roll. They will constantly switch positions, so just keep firing and dodging until you win

After surviving, you will be given the achievement, and the Broken Relic turns into the Cursed Relic. The Cursed Relic sets your HP to 1 (summoning Djimmi The Great using the rotation secret gives you 2), and every time you activate fire after a pause, you will use a randomly selected weapon.

Secret Achievement #2

Paladin: Obtain Great Power

You need to complete the last achievement in order to attempt this one. In order to “Obtain Great Power”, you must defeat 8 of any bosses in either base game or DLC, on Regular or Expert difficulty, with the Cursed Relic equipped. Whatever way you go about this does not matter, as long as you defeat the bosses. The easiest path (imho) is to beat all bosses on Inkwell Isle I, then defeat King Dice, The Devil, and Chef Saltbaker, as they can only be fought on Regular/Expert. After doing this, you have the next secret achievement!

Secret Unlockable

Probably the most or least interesting NPC in the DLC is the Cactus Girl who sits by Esther Winchester’s boss fight. However, to unlock her secrets, you must go back, and defeat all 25 bosses in the game as Ms. Chalice (5 in Inkwell Isles I, II, and IV, 7 in III, and the 3 total boss fights in Inkwell Hell and Isle IV). Doing this and returning to the Cactus Girl unlocks the original Ms. Chalice, changing her style to completely yellow. This can be changed as a filter in the game’s options menu.

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