Cuphead: How to Unlock ‘Golden’ Miss Chalice

This guide should help you to unlock ‘Golden’ Miss Chalice in Cuphead. You’ll need to have “The Delicious Last Course” to be able to get her.   ➽░ Cactus NPC – Start the Quest First, you’ll need to speak with the Cactus NPC. Each time you talk to her, she speak … Read More

Cuphead: How To Beat The Final Boss

SPOILERS FOR THE FINAL BOSS (Duh)   SPOILERS IF YOU’VE HAVENT ALREADY GOTTEN TO THE END OF THE GAME THEN CLICK OFF AND COME BACK WHEN YOU’VE GOTTEN TO THE END More space below so people who haven’t gotten to it don’t see Spoilers What Build To Use Now That … Read More

Cuphead: 3 New Achievements & New Secret Guide

As a part of Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is a bunch of new achievements and secrets. In this guide, I’ll give the walkthrough on getting the Hearty achievement, the two secret achievements, and the final secret unlockable   Hearty Achievement Have 9 HP at a single time In order … Read More

Cuphead: How to get ”Hearty” Achievement

To everyone who is having a bad time getting this achievement, i have simple steps to get it, even if it’s ”glitched”   How to get ”Hearty” Achievement First Step Go to Inkwell Hell then start spinning your character, this will free a character called ”Game Djimmi”, which will be … Read More

Cuphead: 100% Achievement Guide (New DLC Included)

In this guide, you will learn how to perform all the achievements in Cuphead and in its new DLC.   Taking Names To complete this achievement, you just need to defeat any boss Parry Persistance To accomplish this achievement, you just need to parry 20 times P.S. this can be … Read More

Cuphead: New Secret Boss Guide (June 2022 New DLC)

This is a new secret boss from the June 2022 new DLC.   Charm in the shop USE THIS CHARM THAT YOU CAN BUY IN THE SHOP TO DO THIS SECRET The Graveyard Puzzle 1st step TO OBTAIN THE CODE YOU HAVE TO TAL WITH THE NPC IN THE LEADERBOARD … Read More

Cuphead: How to Beat King Dice and His Mini Bosses

In this guide I will teach you how to defeat King Dice and his Mini Bosses with some tips in Cuphead   • INTRODUCING THE GUIDE The Guide will introduce you on how to defeat all of the King Dice Mini Bosses, and the King Dice himself, there are a … Read More

Cuphead: Inkwell Isle 3 bosses Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Tips and tricks if you are stuck.   Rumor Honeybottoms I use spread because im a god. But if you cant do the first part use the chaser, it will help with the first phase and third phase. CHARM: I think you should use p. sugar for the pink orbs … Read More

Cuphead: All Hidden Achievements Guide

In this Guide I will show you the hidden achievements and also how to unlock them.   • INTRODUCING THE GUIDE • In total there are 7 secret achievements to unlock, below I have listed all of them for you to see and also how to do them. • ALL … Read More

Cuphead: Island Bosses Guide

This guide is created for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of Cuphed and learn a lot about the characters of this game.   Bosses of Ink Island One Guppy Le Grande It is considered the first boss in the game, although most often players go first … Read More