Cuphead: How To Beat The Final Boss





More space below so people who haven’t gotten to it don’t see Spoilers

What Build To Use

Now That The People Who Haven’t Seen Spoilers Are Gone (at least I Hope) I Can talk about what Build To Use

Cuphead/Mugman Build (For People Who Don’t Want To Use Chalice):

Shot-A: Crackshot
Shot-B: Chaser
Super: Super Art I
Charm: Heart Ring

Ms.Chalice Build:
Shot-A: Crackshot
Shot-B: Chaser
Super: Super Art III
Charm: Astral Cookie

My reasoning For The Builds:

You Will Need To Use The Crackshot For Every Phase (expect Phase 4) Due To How Much You And The Hitboxes Move, Making The Crackshot one of the only reliable Options However In Phase 4 The Hitbox Is So Small And Fast Making It Hard Which I why I Have The Chaser In This Build

Due To Saltbaker’s Hitbox And Speed In Phase 4, I’ve Decided The Chaser Is The Best Weapon Due To How It Always Tracks Him

I Added The Heart Ring So That You Can Have More health Without Sacrificing The Power Of You’re Attacks

And I Added The Astral Cookie For Obvious Reasons


Tip: If You Double Jump Or Jump once Then Use the Ex Move For The Crack Shot Facing Left Or Right You Can Dash Into It and Jump Again, Giving You An Extra Jump At The Cost of A One Card From You’re Super Meter (This Only Works With Ms. Chalice)

Phase 1: In This Phase You Will want To Look To The Bottom Of The Fight As This Is Most Of The Attacks Are And If You’re Using Ms Chalice You need to Roll Through The Attacks, If You’re Not Using Chalice Then, Use Smoke Dash To Dodge.

  • Attacks
  • Sugar

    In This Attack There Are Sugar Cubes That Go In A Curvy Line With an occasional Pink Cube.
    You Mainly Want To Know When To And Not To Jump In The Line, Also Don’t Try To Dash away from the cubes.

  • Lemons

    In This Attack There Are Lemons The Appear From A Side Of The Screen. They Act Like Boomerangs And Go Further down When Returning. It’s Recommended That You Stay In The Middle Of the Screen During The Attack

  • Strawberrys

    In This Attack Strawberrys Fall From The Top Of The Screen And Try Attacking You. If You See One In This Try Smoke Dashing In Or Rolling Incase You’re Playing As Chalice.

  • Dough

    In This Attack There Are Cookie (Or Whatever Those Things Are) Animals That Come From Either The Left Or The Right And Jump Around. It’s recommenced You Don’t Dash During this

  • Fireball(s)

    In This Attack There Are Fireballs ( One Fireball If You’re On Normal Mode) That Jump Through out the screen. You Shouldn’t Really Focus On These As You will probably Just Dodge Them While Dodging

    Phase 2: In This Phase Salt Grabs You And Bring You Up And Try’s To Attack you with peppers, Flames, Etc. Try to Look At The Bottom Like Last Time.

    • Attacks

  • Pepper Cans: In This Attack There Are Pepper Cans On The Side Of The Screen That you Need To Attack. That’s It. Don’t Go To The Side Of The Screen.
  • Flame

    In this Attack A Flame Jumps around The Arena,Try Not To Get To High As You Might Hit It.

  • Pepper

    In This Attack The Pepper Shoots out A Pepper ( At Least I Think That’s Pepper?) In A Slow And Straight Line. You Need To Always Be Ready For These Attacks As They Are Small.

    Phase 3:: The Shortest Phase In the Fight. Pretty Easy Too.

    • Attacks
  • Salt Angels

    In This Attacks There Are Two salt People in The Shape Of Saltbaker That Jump Around The Screen And You Need To Attack. Nothing Else Really. Just Dash Away When They Appear

  • Saw

    It’s Just a saw that Moves Back and forth on the ground what more do i have to say

    Phase 4:After defeating the salt People The Ground Then Collapses Before You As saltbakers Heart Emerges From The Ground While You Have To Jump From Platform To Platform.
    This Would As Be A Good Time To Remember Tip I Told You Before.

    • Attacks
  • Wall

    In This Attack There Are Walls That Prevent You From Going To Far out to the Screen. Just try to not Get Near them

  • Heart

    Saltbaker’s Heart is An Attack That Jumps From Wall To Wall. This Is When You Need To Use The Chaser Attack As Saltbaker Is too Fast For The Crackshot. the Heart Also Has An Infinite Amount Of Parries So If you Need To Farm Them, Now’s The Time To Do It.

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