Cuphead: How to Unlock ‘Golden’ Miss Chalice

This guide should help you to unlock ‘Golden’ Miss Chalice in Cuphead. You’ll need to have “The Delicious Last Course” to be able to get her.


➽░ Cactus NPC – Start the Quest

First, you’ll need to speak with the Cactus NPC. Each time you talk to her, she speak about something she’d love to tell. This sentence is tied to a boss fight that you must complete as Miss Chalice. To get the ‘Golden’ Miss Chalice you’ll have to beat every boss in the game with her. You should keep in mind that you can do it on any difficulty (Simple, Normal or Expert). I recommend you to do it in ‘Simple’ mode if you want to get it quickly.

➽░ All Bosses – Sentences Meaning

Every time you come back to her after you beat a boss, she gonna give you a new sentence. You don’t need to guess anything, here’s all the sentences related to a boss fight. Just a reminder, make sure you’re doing these with Miss Chalice, it’s very important !

• Inkwell Isle I

• Inkwell Isle II

• Inkwell Isle III

• Inkwell Hell

• Inkwell Isle IV

➽░ Golden Ms. Chalice Unlocked – Settings

> Once you’ve defeated all bosses, it means that you have completed the NPC’s quest. Speak one last time with her to unlock the ‘Chalice’ filter. You should get this message on your screen.

> To equip the filter, you just need to open the ‘options’ menu, go to ‘visual’ settings and go right on your filter until you see the ‘Chalice’ one. Make sure it’s active before to leave your settings.

> Now, if you start a level as Ms. Chalice, you’ll see that she’s in her ‘Golden’ version, enjoy !

Thank you for following my guide. I really hope this guide helped you to unlock the filter for her. Thanks as well for feedback and support !^^

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