Enshrouded: How to Find Hunter’s Loom

Locate the Weaver’s Cottage in East Lapis and claim the Hunter’s loom.


Kindlewaste Spire

First you will need to ascend the Kindlewaste Spire. Since this stands out on the horizon when you are touring the waste then there are any number of ways to get to the base and make your way to the top. Once at the top, look toward the north.

If you can spot a landing area on the left side on the other side of the shroud then launch yourself in that direction.

Locate the Footpath

If you’ve managed to land on the other side you may notice a set of rocks on the left with a slope allowing you to get up. Just north of this you will find the footpath leading up into the hills. If you walk back on this path back toward the Spire you will find a cave entrace and may find some iron in the cave.

Follow this path until you see this gateway. Continue through the gate and you will find yourself on a bridge spanning the valley below.

Just stay on the trail.

Arrive at your Destination

Follow the footpath until you see the city gate. Be careful. If you like, you can drop a flame altar and a 4m stone block high enough to jump to. You may need it.

Go through the gate and prepare for combat.

If you are in a hurry, you can just run straight through the town and double jump the bridge on the other side over the shroud. You will have arrived at your destination.

The loom will be in the cellar and in a shroud area. And it will be guarded…

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