Enshrouded: How to Find Hunter’s Loom

Locate the Weaver’s Cottage in East Lapis and claim the Hunter’s loom.   Kindlewaste Spire First you will need to ascend the Kindlewaste Spire. Since this stands out on the horizon when you are touring the waste then there are any number of ways to get to the base and … Read More

Enshrouded: How to Get Endgame Gear in Early Game

This quick Guide will help you get endgame gear as fast as possible. Be warned, it will mostly break your experience.   Level 23 Gear Step 1 Locate the eastern Sun temple near the fast travel point. Step 2 Place a flame altar in the main entrance room. Step 3 … Read More

Enshrouded: Save File Location

This guide helps you find the location of the Enshrouded save files for your character and your maps.   Introduction The save files for Enshrouded can be stored in two different paths. The location depends on whether you are saving the game with Steam Cloud or not. The character save … Read More

Enshrouded: How to Get Infinity Resources with Cheat Engine

Simple guide for getting resources with Cheat Engine. Devs this is solo game, don’t delete it. Lets people do whatever they want with their game. It will extend playtime for people. They want to be god, lets give them it.   Prepare Game: Enshrouded Cheat Engine Step-by-step guide. Enter to … Read More

Enshrouded: How to Find and Harvest Resources

Exploring the world of Enshrouded requires bravery and an understanding of its resources. This comprehensive guide covers where to find and how to harvest every resource in the game.   How to Find Water You start your journey in the ruins of Longkeep. In the center of the street is … Read More