Enshrouded: How to Get Infinity Resources with Cheat Engine

Simple guide for getting resources with Cheat Engine. Devs this is solo game, don’t delete it. Lets people do whatever they want with their game. It will extend playtime for people. They want to be god, lets give them it.



  1. Game: Enshrouded
  2. Cheat Engine

Step-by-step guide.

  1. Enter to server/local game.
  2. Open Cheat Engine.
  3. Select game.
  4. BE CAREFUL. The resource you want to dupe must be in you inventory and only in you inventory, so move excess resource to simple chest, not magic and keep like <50 resource in your inventory. Also resource must be >1, better >2.
  5. Take resource you want to dupe in inventory.
  6. Write count of resource to “Value:” field of Cheat Engine. And press First scan.
  7. Now press “Split Stacks” ingame and repeat previous step for origin resource cell. Don’t move origin resource from it’s cell, because game depends on cell of inventory where resource/item is.
  8. Split it again until it is 1, or move back splitted resource from other cell to main cell and again enter count of resource in Cheat Engine.
  9. After several steps you will get something like that:
    If you found addresses with sometimes turns red, you can delete or ignore them, we don’t need them
  10. Now we have these addresses that we need(They will differ for you):
  11. You can press Ctrl + E on them and enter any value, i suggest up to 10000:
    If they changed back, it is okay. We need to find TWO(2) addresses. One that changes other addresses and another one that changes only itself. Simply: just change values till they changed all.
  12. Now we can back to the game and see that we get everything we need.

Simple video explanation.


These addresses bound to cells in inventory. So you can just move another resource to this cell after first duping and then change value instant in Cheat Engine.

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