Enshrouded: How to Find and Harvest Resources

Exploring the world of Enshrouded requires bravery and an understanding of its resources. This comprehensive guide covers where to find and how to harvest every resource in the game.


How to Find Water

You start your journey in the ruins of Longkeep. In the center of the street is a well where you can collect water. Each stack can hold up to 10 units of water. You can also find water flasks by breaking large vases and jars in dungeons and the open world.


Where to Find Logs

Logs are obtained by chopping trees, which can be done with bare hands or any weapon like clubs or swords. However, the most efficient method is using a woodsman’s axe, which can be crafted by hand from the game’s start. An improved version is available from the Blacksmith.


How to Find Resin

Resin is a byproduct of logging. Just chop a few trees, and you’ll accumulate this resource.


Where to Find Stones

Initially, stones are gathered by simply picking them up from the ground in the open world. Later, create a stone pickaxe for harvesting stones from rock formations and ground.


How to Harvest Veil Wood

Veil Wood is obtained from trees growing in dense fog (Veil-covered areas). Any weapon works, but the woodsman’s axe is the most effective.


How to Find Veil Spores

These can be found after defeating enemies in Veil-affected areas, primarily small monsters with clubs and stone shields.


How to Make Rope

First, find plant fibers, then use the manual crafting menu to create rope.


How to Harvest Plant Fiber

This resource is primarily harvested from small bushes and while chopping trees. It’s also found in caches and chests.


Where to Find Sticks

Like plant fiber, sticks are abundantly gathered from small bushes and can sometimes drop when chopping trees.


How to Harvest Soil

Use a stone pickaxe (crafted at the Blacksmith’s) to dig soil from rocks and ground.


How to Make Charcoal

Only obtainable in a charcoal kiln, place a certain amount of logs and soil to produce 15 units of charcoal:

  • Logs (17);
  • Soil (3).

It takes about 5 minutes to produce.


How to Obtain Tar

Tar can be found in Veil areas or crafted in a charcoal kiln. To craft 20 units, you need:

  • Logs (30);
  • Soil (6).


How to Obtain Wood Acid

Unlike tar, wood acid is only created in a charcoal kiln. The recipe is available once you gather:

  • Logs (15);
  • Soil (3).


Where to Find Torn Fabric

A common resource found randomly in the open world and dropped by enemies. Dismantling any clothing or armor also yields torn fabric.


Where to Find Scrap Metal

This resource is found in ruins and caches scattered across the open world and sometimes dropped by defeated enemies.


How to Make Nails

Visit the Blacksmith at your camp and use scrap metal to craft nails.


How to Make Metal Sheets

Construct a forge in your shelter and gather the following resources to produce one metal sheet:

  • Charcoal (2);
  • Scrap Metal (2).


Where to Get Animal Fur and Bones

Often found in the open world and from defeated enemies. The simplest way is through hunting, from rabbits to wolves.


Where to Find Honey and Wax

Traveling through the open world, you may encounter beehives. Sometimes bees themselves, forming large swarms, can hint at hives’ locations. Destroy the hive to collect resources.


How to Find Mycelium

Mycelium is harvested from special mushrooms in the Veil, easily identifiable by their glow. Use any weapon to destroy the mushroom and then pick up the resource.


Where to Find Veil Core

Unlike other resources, Veil Core is only obtained after defeating mini-bosses in “wells.” For example, the first core can be found during the “Cleanse the Elixir Well” quest.

Each well will have a strong enemy. Defeat it, and among other trophies, you will find a Veil Core.

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