Enshrouded: How to Get Endgame Gear in Early Game

This quick Guide will help you get endgame gear as fast as possible.

Be warned, it will mostly break your experience.


Level 23 Gear

Step 1

Locate the eastern Sun temple near the fast travel point.

Step 2

Place a flame altar in the main entrance room.

Step 3

Clear out the temple, open all puzzle doors and loot the chests.

Step 4

Go to the Main Menu and reload your world.

Step 5


Be warned that you will get much loot in no time.


If you level up your Flame altar all the way to max level, all the Puzzle doors will stay open, making it even more faster to get the chests.

Enemies also wont spawn anymore.

Level 25 Gear

Step 1

locate coastguard Village near the bottom right of the map.


Place your flame altar somewhere close.

Beware that if you place it to close to the chests, they wont respawn after reload.


In the Building straight forward are two chests.

A silver Chest in the ground floor and a golden chest in the little Sandstone tower on top of the building.

In the Building on the right is a silver chest at the top floor.

You have to destroy a barricated Door to gain access.

Step 3

Reload your World and repeat.

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