Lost Ark: Crystals & Royal Crystals Prices

Quick overview what all the stuff actually costs you in easy terms.


Lost Ark Crystals & Royal Crystals Prices

So Smilegate/Amazon has made the cash currency (intentionally) difficult to figure out so players do not notice quickly how much (or little) money they spend on the game.

That’s a very wide-spread and easy trick to make more cash with your games so let’s not judge them too harshly for doing it.

Firstly, the game unnecessarily has TWO separate cash currencies: Crystals and Royal Crystals – hell, they even put ‘Crystals’ in both names to make it even more confusing.
The ones you can directly pay for with cash are Royal Crystals, the others you pay for with – you guessed it – those same Royal Crystals.

Secondly, the ratios of conversion between the two are intentionally difficult to calculate in your head. (it would be the easiest task in the world to just use proper 100/1000/10000 steps but no!)

Thirdly, the same goes for the prices, basically every item on the shop is priced in a way that prevents you from quickly calculating the cash price.

To cut the crap, 100 ROYAL Crystals cost you 0.83 €.

100 (Blue) CRYSTALS cost you 1.95 €. If you take the monthly offer “Crystals 10% Bonus Pack” this goes down to 1.85 €.*

*Assuming you buy the 99.99 € Royal Crystal pack. If you take the ones below that, you pay more.

Still not very tangible for you?
Una’s discounted tasks (ticket for 50) costs 1100 blue crystals so each task comes down to 0.40 €.
Or in other words, if you are a lazy person doing all tasks via ticket, you pay 1.20 € per day and 36 € or so per month JUST for instant daily completion. That’s kinda steep, eh?

You can easily take the numbers above to apply to other sought-after products like Leap’s Essence (0.19 € each, that’s kinda OK actually).

Very efficient – and therefore get it before they increase the price! – is the weekly ‘Trade Potions Pack’. 3000 Life energy is almost a whole day more worth of gathering AND you get a Leap’s Essence too. For 60 blue crystals it’s one of the very few good deals in the shop.

Now that you can easily compare with the ‘per 100 price’, it should be easier for you to decide if you want to spend your hard-earned cash or not.

By ApathicAlpaca

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