Lost Ark: Hidden Achievements Guide

Opening the achievement tab in-game and scrolling all the way down reveals a category called “Hidden”. These achievements appear only once you’ve completed them, mostly granting roster XP. Here I am to share some of the ones I’ve already uncovered, feel free to comment any missing ones.

WARNING: some of these achievements are tied to Lost Ark’s story, therefore they may be considered spoilers by some, I will put these at the bottom of the list.

Please, note that this guide is to help with the in-game achievements, not the Steam ones.



Keeping Company

Invite a player to your party and have them accept the invite.

50 Friends

I have not completed the 50 friends achievement as of today, therefore I do not know the actual name of it, but you might have noticed the area chats looking somewhat like this and being more full of uwu than they usually are.

If you complete this achievement, it’s said to reward players with 1000 crystals.


I Was Going Easy on You

Can probably be any monster, I have completed this achievement after being killed by a low-level zone world boss (Rudric in Retharmis) at around level 40.


Fill It Up

Use all 6 character creation slots, you do not have to play or level those characters.

Quest and Story

Wound to the Heart

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Simply compelte the quest Tragedy Written in Stone. You need to complete this quest for the Rethramis Adventurer’s Tome.

Amen to Armen

Simply proceed with the main story quests and you will eventually get this one.

One Who Chose the Chaos

Simply proceed with the main story quests and you will eventually get this one.

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