Lost Ark: Gear Material and Quest Guide

Here is a guide for helping you get to Tier 3 in Lost Ark.



This guide is meant to help beginning players just starting out at level 50. The best way to play the game though is to just do all quests you possibly can, and work on grinding chaos dungeons, and PvP for tokens that you will use for upgrade materials. Gear upgrading can seem overwhelming and frustrating until you fully understand just how many options you have available to you to hone your gear and work your way towards tier 3.


Follow this Sea Route:
1. Serenity Isle
– Pick up Adventure Quest here.2. Toto Silver
– Pick up the normal, and adventure quests here.

3. Freedom Isle
– Complete all normal quests

4. Blackfang’s Den
– Complete all normal quests, and the adventure quest until it sends you to Peyto Island

5. Lullaby Island
– Complete the Adventure Quest until it asks you to do the event, don’t bother with this for now.

6. Astella
– Complete the normal quest chain here.

7. Starlight Isle
– Complete initial step here, you’ll be ashed to go to Shushire, don’t do this quest for now.

8. Panda Island
– Complete the normal and adventure quests here

9. Peyto Island
– Pick up the Iceberg Inquiry quest on upper deck, this initiates a quest line for Glacier Isle, but we will be hiding this for now.
– Finish Blackfan’s Den adventure quest
– Finish Becoming an Idol quest
– Purchase Song of Resonance from Trasure Hunter Igran for 16,500 Pirate Coins

10. Dreamgull Island
– Interact with backpack on the right side of island entrance to start the quest here. You’ll be able to do the first 5 steps. Forest’s Minuet is required for the remaining.

11. Golden Wave Island
– Complete the normal quests found here. You will be rewarded with Class Engraving Selection Chest.

12. White Wave Island
– Only finish the initial quest here, you’ll be ignoring the second step here for now. You will need to be item level 460 for the rest, and to unlock Rohendel.

13. Kalthertz
– Complete the normal quest

14. Shadow Island
– Start the Adventure quest here

15. North Vern
– Complete the next objective in the BlackFang’s Den Adventure Quest

16. Shushire
– Complete the Main story quest line, you’ll obtain a wish equipment chest that contains a free item level 302 gear set.

17. Shushire + Starlight Island
– Complete all the steps here for Starlight Island Adventure Quest until it asks that you return to Starlight Island.
– Now travel to North Vern

18. North Vern
– Accept the [guide] upgrading gear quest
– upgrade your gear until you are item level 460
– Do any quests that reward gold

19. Arthetine + Glacier Isle + Runaways Island
– Pick up the adventure quest and finish the entire quest chain

Material Exchange Vendors

These vendors provide upgrade materials for all tiers within Lost Ark. It is important to take advantage of them after finishing the Island Walkthrough to further upgrade your gear.

– PvP Exchange: PvP Vendors in all major cities will exchange PvP tokens for upgrade materials.
– Harbor Exchange: Merchant ships are in all harbors. You can exchange pirate coins for upgrade materials here.
– Endless Chaos Exchange: Farming chaos dungeons after using up your aura of resonance will give you perception shard tokens. The NPC Magick Scholar Jeneca is near the chaos dungeon entrance, and will sell various upgrade materials for Tier 1 – 3 with a weekly limit. This can be done for all of your characters.
– Guild Exchange
Visit the guild exchange vendor, trade sylmael bloodstones obtained from completing guide related tasks.

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