Lost Ark: Adventure Books Guide

In this guide, I’ll explain what Adventure Books are good for and what you need to do to get them.


What are the Adventure Books good for?

The Adventure Books, or Adventure Journal, are one of the many collectibles in Lost Ark. Unlike Island Hearts or Giant Hearts, Adventure Books are area dependent. For each specific area you have to collect certain items, do hidden quests, kill field bosses and so on. This is how you fill up your Adventure Book, for each progress (%) you get certain rewards.

The Adventure Books will be very consuming in the beginning. While you’re trying to level up to level 50, it’s best to leave it alone for now in the beginning. It is very time consuming and reaching 100% at a server start on any continent will not be very beneficial. It is better to take it up later.

Since Season 1, the Adventure Book rewards have been reinitialized. You’ll find 80% rewards on most continents, which is now the former 100% artifact affinity item reward. 90% is usually an Expedition Area Ornament, which serves as both a decoration and a passive bonus to your Expedition Area when you equip it on your plot. 100% is now always a Mark of Ignea, a collectible with powerful rewards. The best rewards require 5, 8, and 9 Marks of Ignea. These are a powerful rune, skill points, and a key of Nonfrost.

Marks of Ignea Rewards

What is it?
Mount: White Round Beetle
A heroic mount. Looks similar to the Tortoyk ladybug.
Frying Pan
When you are attacked with it, you deal 1 damage. Used for an Island Hearts.
Bright Energy
An aura that you can switch outside of combat. It is very large and obnoxious.
Top-Grade Health Boost Potion
Increases the maximum HP by 50.
Rune: 70% chance to dispel 1 negative effect on you when cast.
Ginger Weill Card
Card. Part of the Creative Master Set.
Superlative Stat Increase Potion
Adds 50 to all main stats.
Advanced Skill Point Potion
Adds 6 skill points.
Key of Nonfrost
Unlocks a teleportation point to memorize.
Darren Aman Card
Map. Part of the Abandoned Cliff Of Wind set.
Title: Akrasia Pilgrim
Grants 5 intelligence upon receipt.
Installation: Ignea
Installiert im Expedition Territory Herrenhaus
Mount: Golden Terpheon
The only free legendary mount in the game outside of PVP. You can see what it looks like here.

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