PAYDAY 2: Death Sentence Loud Build

While playing with this build, first of all you need to know that you are not immortal bro. Are you god bro? The health rate is lower than normal stoic builds. It’s a build aimed at high damage and high mobility. We’re talking about a build that melts the dozer in half a second, brother, wake up!! But I must say, once you start playing with build, you can’t play well right away of course. You have to merge with Build. You need to figure out what build can and cannot do. Anyway, let’s go without further ado. If you have any questions about build. Build, you can add me on steam..



—————————–AKIMBO CR 805B SUBMACHINE GUNS—————————–
-The bigger the better suppressor
-Stability boost
-Led combo
-Speed pull the magazine

———————————MARK-10 SUBMACHINE GUN———————————
-The bigger the better suppressor
-Concealment boost
-Railed handguard
-Compact laser module
-Speed pull the magazine

The Rest Of The Build
Deployable= First aid kits.
Armor= LVB Vest.
Perk Deck= Stoic.
Melee=When you are trying get to convert, You need a buzzer so much.

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