PAYDAY 2: All Special Keycards and Lost Safes

This Guide will help you find the hidden Keycards and Lost Safes across 4 maps – which contain voice recordings known as the Lost Tapes!   Introduction Welcome Heisters ūüôā This guide will help you find all special keycards and Lost Safes on the 4 different maps. As of right … Read More

PAYDAY 2: Yakuza Stealth Build

Requires Yakuza Character Pack DLC Requires The Butcher’s BBQ Pack DLC Requires The Golden Grin Casino Heist DLC (Optional) Requires Level 100   Skills Mastermind Enforcer Technician Ghost Fugitive Weapons & Equipment Primary Cavity 9mm This primary is optional if you don’t have the dlc you can use any other … Read More

PAYDAY 2: Solo With AI Loud Assault Rifle Build

This is the loud assault rifle build I use. I am new to build making, so if anything is bad or should be changed leave a comment.   Needs for the build Level 100, money to buy guns/attachements, transport heists (for union 556) and mcshay weapon pack (Pronghorn) All the … Read More

PAYDAY 2: Anarchist SMG Build Guide

This is a full Breakdown of a very high damage, high survivability loadout. This guide will include the following: Weapons & Attachments Skills Throwables Armors Equipments This Build is based around death wish and below but it can handle DSOD with more skill.   -Build Preview Anarchist- -Weapons and equipment- … Read More

PAYDAY 2: Holdout Builds (Insane Damage and Survivalibity)

This guide will help you if you know how to use stoic perk deck.   AR with The Judge Modifications Barrel:¬†CQB Barrel Barrel Ext:¬†The Bigger the Better Suppressor Boost:¬†Concealment Gadget:¬†Compact Laser Module Sight:¬†any -1 concealment sight Modifications Ammunition:¬†AP Slug Barrel Ext:¬†The Silent Killer Suppressor Boost:¬†Concealment Gadget:¬†Compact Laser Module Lower Receiver:¬†Custom … Read More

PAYDAY 2: Stoic One Down Build

Build for death sentence one down difficulty.   Required Dlc’s This Build Requires: Gage Weapon Pack #2 Butcher’s AK/CAR Mod Pack Or Gage Mod Courier Equipment Equipment for this build is: Primary – Ksp Light Machine Gun Secondary – Crosskill Guard Pistol Perk Deck – Stoic Armor – ICTV(Improved Combined … Read More

PAYDAY 2: Lucky Streak Guide (Midland Ranch)

Lucky Streak In the Midland Ranch job, find all horseshoes hidden around the ranch.   Horseshoes There are 5 horseshoes you are required to collect, out of a possible 16 locations. Horseshoes 1-7 are BEFORE the security gate that opens the 2nd half of the map. Horseshoes 8-16 are AFTER … Read More

PAYDAY 2: Texas Treasures Guide (Midland Ranch)

Texas Treasures In the Midland Ranch job on the OVERKILL difficulty or above, acquire a rare treasure.   Texas Treasures Texas Treasures requires you to find a hammer, a mold, a silver ingot, and a crowbar. Then use the anvil to smith it into a sheriff’s star. Only 1 hammer … Read More

PAYDAY 2: No Gnome Left Behind

In the Mountain Master job on the Very Hard difficulty or above, find someone in need of a lift, and help him to the helicopter, while playing in loud. The gnome can only be secured in the helicopter.   Requirements The minimum difficulty needs to be Very Hard. The gnome¬†MUST¬†be … Read More