PAYDAY 2: Solo With AI Loud Assault Rifle Build

This is the loud assault rifle build I use. I am new to build making, so if anything is bad or should be changed leave a comment.


Needs for the build

Level 100, money to buy guns/attachements, transport heists (for union 556) and mcshay weapon pack (Pronghorn)
All the gun choices are optional, all you need to do is use an assault rifle for primary.


Combat medic, quick fix, uppers.


Resilience, transporter, die hard aced, shock and awe.
Scavenger, portable saw aced, saw massacre, extra lead aced, fully loaded.


Hardware expert aces, drill sawgeant aced.
Steady grip, fire control aced, heavy impact, surefire aced, body expertise aced.


Chameleon aced, sixth sense aced, cleaner aced, nimble aced
Duck and cover aced, parkour aced
Second wind



Guns and gadgets

You can really use any assault rifle but i reccomend the Union 556 or the m308. For secondary i highly recomend the Pronghorn for the abilty to take out pesky shields.

Union 556
For the union, I use the bigger the better suppresor, military laser module, dunes tactical reciver, car quadstacked mag and see more sight. The union is good for longer range heists (transport heists, heat street, etc) , it shoots fast and has ok ammo economy. It can shred dozers, and is great for clearing areas with lots of cops.

For the m308, I use competiors compenstator, auto fire, military laser module, holographic sight and jaeger body. The m308 is amazing for close range heists. (really anything in doors) It has great ammo economy. It can kill dozers in a very short time, but you will be reloading a lot. When in close range, you can clear long hallways in just a few seconds.

For the Pronghorn I recomend using longshot suppressor, quickdraw bolt, open range sniper mod set, any laser, extended mag. any sight. The pronghorn is an all around amazing weapon. It is a secondary sniper, that can shoot through shields, armor, etc. It can come in very useful if there are a lot of shields.

Use first aid kits and the ballistic vest. If you are using this build for lower diffuculties you can use lightweight ballistic vest. Any throwable works, I use HEF grenades. Use any melee.

By qwik

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