PAYDAY 2: Leech Akimbo Build Guide

Here is a build for the new Leech Perk deck.


This build may require some DLCs and Infamy 1 for skill reduction points and some of the weapon mods, however, all weapons are DLC free to get, so you may find some variance if you do not have those DLCs Weapon Mods.
Basic Joker and Health skills, Hostage Taker will allow you to regain segments quicker aswell as increase your health and speed, and Jokers will provide some cover/distractions.

First Aid Kits are primarily what will make up this build, use the Leech Ampule for killing as many cops as possible (Similar to Swan Song), if you run out of Health, place a First Aid Kit where you might drop after Leech’s duration, and you will automatically heal your damage if at 0, which will prevent being downed.

If you are downed and someone else is also downed, you can use the Leech Ampule (if applicable, heal first) and revive them with Inspire so you don’t go down again.

Nothing in this skill area is used.

Body Expertise will give 90% damage bonus from headshots and apply it to the bodyshots, which will be useful for Akimbo CR 805B’s as they count as SMGs, Surefire will allow you to penetrate body armor for heists like Locke’s or regular DSOD Maximum Force Responders.

Lock N’ Load basic will allow you to fire while sprinting, which will be a needed skill for this build as you’ll be rushing cops often.

Not much worth mentioning here, just Optical Illusions aced for more concealment and less attention from Cops, Low Blow aced and Unseen Strike for a situational boosted critical hit chance, and regular movement skills.

Nine Lives aced for Death Sentence One Down, will give you one more down before going into custody, Akimbo skill aced for more ammo and 16 reduced Stability penalty, otherwise, not much to mention here either.

You’ll want the Suit, as armor is almost completely useless for Leech as it is removed upon using.

First Aid Kits as mentioned to keep you up if you run out of health during the Leech cycle.

Leech Ampule as throwable for obvious reasons.

Buzzer or Electric Brass Knuckles for getting Jokers + stopping Cloakers.

for Weapons i choose the Akimbo CR805B for primary, and the Grimm Shotgun for Secondary.

the Akimbo CR805B can be modded the way you prefer, just keep the Detection Rate below or equal to 23.

Grimm Shotgun should be equipped with Dragon’s Breath Rounds to deal with normal cops and also if the CR805B’s happen to run out of ammo, Dragon’s Breath Round kills count towards your segments, so it’d be best to fire at a good chunk of regular enemies to get segments back if possible.

By Aiva

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